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Adam Plomaritas

Imagine that John Mayer had spent his formative years backing both Ray Charles and Bruno Mars, soaking up all they had to offer before stepping out into the spotlight, and you start to get a sense of the soulful, blues-inflected pop music made by Adam Plomaritas. Underpinned by his virtuoso guitar work, there’s something effortless about what he does.

But Plomaritas’ path to his own sound didn’t come from playing with the masters, or simply by embracing his God-given gifts, but from the twin pillars any successful person needs: graft and dedication. Heavily influenced by his father’s love of Elvis Presley and Boston, not to mention the fact the he himself was a singer/songwriter, he cut his teeth in different groups in Ypsilanti, MI, spanning a variety of genres from Rock to R&B.

Since then he has been honing his craft and working on a follow up to his 2013 album The Hard Way: releasing singles, working with musicians who share his passion and are able to express themselves freely, crafting songs out of the hundreds of memos he has on his phone and building on those ideas in the studio. It’s a painstaking and meticulous process, but one that is starting to bear fruit.

As well as the know-how he has picked up along the way, Plomaritas has also learned to shake off the chip from his shoulder. With his hometown often seen as the ugly step-sister to Ann Arbor and a distant cousin to Detroit, The Motor City and home of Motown, it was easy to feel hard done by. But spurred on by the love of his wife and children, he is helping the musical community he belongs to become collaborative rather than competitive - which is why he can count local favourites such as Chris DuPont and The Ragbirds as friends.

Plomaritas has turned down the distortion for a while now, but he still knows how to play his guitar - you don’t get described as a ‘Telecaster-toting grizzly’ for nothing. You can hear that on his latest single "The Other Side," the first taken from a new album due out this fall. It’s the crystallization of everything he has experienced to date - summertime-drive music that will help you escape life’s troubles and remind you to enjoy the good times, something we could all do with during these troubled times.

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Adam Plomaritas Announces Single, “The Other Side”

The new single from Adam Plomaritas, “The Other Side” is an honest and heartfelt conversation about marriage and the rough road ahead. It pulls back the curtain with a leap of faith, and talks about the grit that keeps two people together even when the road seems to be driving them apart.

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"Like a warm summer rain, the music’s sonic elements wash over each layer like beads of water on a car windshield. " [7/8/2018]

The Daily Country

"It is straight ahead country, but heartfelt." [7/5/18]

Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

“Simply smooth and inviting. Energetic and Engaging. Adam P. is true performer.”

Jeffree St. John, Plymouth Coffee Bean

“Adam Plomaritas is simply amazing….He as been a featured artist here [Ann Street Music Room] on more than one occasion and has hit the ball out of the park every time! He is musically adept, his voice ranges from sweet to just plain grit in your gut and his lyrics will charm you before you know it. All that and a great stage presence to keep you entertained. I always look forward to a show I know Adam is playing.”

Jeff Comella, Ann Street Music Room
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