katie rose

Everything Yesterday

Katie Rose Everything Yesterday Artwork
  1. Everything Yesterday
  2. Wonder
  3. Goodbye Song
  4. Castle
  5. Take Me Away
  6. Feel
  7. Druzie (Along For The Ride)


Everything Yesterday
I’ll be happy when tomorrow comes
I’ll be happy when this day is done
I’ll finally breathe when I lay down my head
everything yesterday is gone and dead

(When I can finally see the stars in the night
and I’ll be and feel alright)

I don’t need a poster to tell who to be
but I’ve kind of forgot what is me
need to stand back and look at it all
embrace the fact that it’s just a fall

I look at the clock and wish
I could push the time
but I’m just a girl
with lie-less eyes
so many mistakes that I’ve done
but I need to remember I’m just one

Everyone knows what they need to do
But I still don’t have a clue
Stuck in a circle with no ends
Stuck in a cycle with no bends

I’m lost
No one can find me

She’s wonder
Burnt up like fire
I’m wonder
Moving to nowhere
But I will get there
I will find there

I’m lost in a forest
Picking up different branches
I’m pieces of memories that you want to see
But only in chances

Goodbye Song
I’m tired of giving you my all
and getting nothing in return
so I’;m moving on
and praying for you to learn
you aren’t the victim you’re the stone cold killer
and I’m the passer by
you were never truly true
so this is my goodbye song to you

I got so used to looking in your eyes
that I thought I would always need you by my side
but then I got a taste of purity
and it made me open my eyes
you’re the one who put these chains on my legs
and I’m not getting by

kick Em to the curb that’s how you work
not even a glance back
send out those nasty words
and tie me to the tracks
expecting me to be my worse
but I’ll always be the best you’ve ever had

There are times that I feel that I could really fly
but I’m getting nowhere with your hands around my neck
my windpipe turns to rubies in every single fight
but you know what they say it’s light or flight
and my feet won’t touch the ground

I could build a castle out of all the words you’ve thrown.
I could build a mansion out of all these broken bones
I could make a crown with the fire in soul
no amount of (demons) and dragons could break my silver dome

put a shield where my heart used to be
nothing more than you and I could see
when it’s dark and no longer bold
you’ll pull me down

Take Me Away
shoot me down
I get up
push me around
I’m fed up
Take me out for a good time
I’ll be your number one
day and night

Got my heart beat beating so loud
don’t know if it’s you or the huge crowd
Show me you love me
and I might stay
that its worth my time
and get your way
Just take me away

Colorful skies
can’t compare to your eyes
hands in the air
with sounds I don’t recognize
its beating on me
all through the night

Can’t feel a god damn thing
I’m being ripped apart at the seams
Hung upside down and shaken all around
but still so numb

I’ve been in so many wars
I’ve cut ties and locked plenty doors
pushed away
gone and prayed
but still so numb

Teach me how to break my heart and scream out names
Tell me when to fall and cry because of the pain
Let me know how I’m supposed to feel
when I get someone that I’ve always held so dear

Is this how I’m supposed to feel

Is it such an ordinary way
when someone has nothing to say
broken hearts
once or twice
still so numb

Is it something people want
because I’ve seen and felt only junk
look at that side
I only sigh
still so numb

Druzie (Along For The Ride)
love is rough
love is kind
but love can always run of time
but their love is strong
and their hearts are pure
and they’re their entire worlds
beating all the odds

If you live to be a hundred
I wanna live right there too
Minus one day so I never have to live without you

I can’t imagine my life without seeing your eyes
I can’t imagine passing time
without you by my side
so if you live to be a hundred
take me along for the ride

you know how it goes
we run into rocks
there’s fights like thunder
and love like fire
I’ve seen it all
I’ve seen then crawl
yet they never stop loving through
patch up their knees
blow out the smoke
and carry on

I didn’t expect it meant to be
until I was down on one knee
with a band around your finger
and my heart on my sleeve