young readers

Family Trees

  1. All I Have
  2. Boxcar
  3. Naked
  4. Wooden Frame
  5. Blame
  6. Lion Tamer

All I Have

I was raised on blood and sweat and pain
But I never once had a thing to my name
And I know the things you want you have to earn
As I watch my brothers work their skin to bone

My mother lived on eating once a day
I'll never understand how she met ends that way
But if what they say is true then I'll be fine
Without a fancy house I will get by

If all I have is you
Then the rest is ok


We can run away we can live on a boxcar train
Swing our feet in the sun and be safe from the wind and rain
And if I spend one more day without you I'll go insane
So if you feel the same we can make our plans to escape

We can eat cans of beans and you won't hear me complain
And the world will drift away as you and I fall asleep in the hay
And all the sights that we'll see as we hop from state to state
And the sound of the train is all I need to leave this place


You are a featherless bird
Shaken up and covered in dirt
But you do the best you can to stay clean
frustrated waking puddles with your wings

If I could I'd help you find some thread
Make you a sweater or a nest

You are the changing of leaves
You dance in a colorful florescent breeze
But the blood in your hands rushed back to your core
And the stems from your arms fell to the floor

If I could I'd help you find some glue
Return every leaf and paint them back to their hues

But sometimes bare and naked is for the best
New leaves will grow and new feathers will cover your chest

Everything goes through change
But I'll be there anyway

Wooden Frame

There's a hole in the clouds
Pretty close to where my fingers use to reach
But now they stake land in pockets
Walking down the muddy, tire paved streets

And it takes a little touch
And it takes a little brush
To paint

I pass by neighbors on their farms
This town has little plans where I don't belong
And now I'm walking between the tallest trees you've ever seen
As they line up and fall right off the page

And it takes a little color
And some time to dry on canvas
And it takes a 20x16 wooden frame
To make his journey away seem sincere

Away from here


I hope the lights are still on
When I decide to come back home
Cause my shoes have worn through their soles
And my skin burns from the cold

And the footsteps that I take
Echo the words said in vain
We both make mistakes
But I forget who's to blame
Who's to blame?

I hope the house is still warm
When I lay my back against yours

Cause in your bed I feel like a ghost
Buried in clean sheets and dirty clothes

But you're still wide awake
Sinking in the tears you waste
We both make mistakes
And I forget who's to blame
Who's to blame?

Lion Tamer

Sunlight through the cracks in you walls
Repeat everything that you see
Deep down there's no time to hear you out
Sleep alone you sleep in your clothes

You don't feel alone
When you shake the walls just to get a response
Stand tall beat your chest with your arms
Scream loud but the volume will drown you out

So you claim you're not the fool they say you are
As you try to prove you're someone that you're not
They don't understand the creature you've become
So they lock you up and hide you in the walls