jason tyler burton

Fires of '88



"Fires of ’88"

Well she left Kentucky on the 4th day of July
Fireworks in the rearview, Wyoming in her sights
She put that pedal to the metal as she crossed the Kansas plains
Singing Sweet Lorraine and never leaving the left lane
‘Till she landed in a little mountain town
But no cowboy here could ever tie her down

Because she’s wilder than the fires of ‘88

She was conceived in the back of her daddy’s Oldsmobile
Maybe that’s why she only ever felt at home on wheels
She said as soon as I save enough I’m gonna point this car out west
Just like all the rest, she was running from her past
But a new place won’t fix what’s broken in you
Your demons get your forwarded address too

Yeah, and she’s still wilder than the fires of ‘88

And oh… that westward wind
It finds her on the move again

Well her momma named her Delta after her daddy’s ‘88
Told her life can sure be great, but you should always want for more
So they spent every extra dollar on the scratch off lottery
And a little bit of weed, you know it helped her momma see
Now she sells courage at the Silver Dollar Bar
And keeps her suitcase loaded in her car

Because she’s wilder than the fires of 88
Lord keep her wilder than the fires of 88
I love her because she’s wilder than the fires of 88