jess clinton

Make It

Real Glass Heart


"Make It"

It’s in a bottle of cold wine put away for the day we celebrate it
Let me tell you babe, we’re gonna make it, mmhmm
It’s not the rising tide that breaks the fall of what we’re faking, no
We have to take it in stride.

Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh

It’s in the way you came to me with lemonade and your plaintive melodies
Spinning your tassel like a rotary, mmhmm
It isn’t bad advice to run away the way you’re choosing to
But that’s no way to live life

Ooh, ooh
Crawling across, we’re gonna make it in time
Ooh, ooh

A little shrine, a borderline
To keep us from the crazy boiling over
When sorrow has his hands upon your shoulders