james rose




Sometimes life’s not fair
A road that leads to nowhere
True hope remains in the air
Drifting through out the night
So calm in the light
Kept out of sight
Though life can feel right
With no fear left to hide
The wandering sound of the tide
Within your inner mind
To be needless and free
Begin to watch the light
Start to glow so slow
I know it takes pure might
To begin the process is the grow
All in due time, take no mind
And let the whole thing go to show
Not worth a thing
It’s so easy letting go
Sometimes life’s so kind
It takes some time to find
A hidden practice of the mind
Resentment running blind
To breathe in the air
Love is always there
We all move along
Keeping up with the song
No doubt we all belong
The echo running strong
To be needless and free