rich layton and tough town

Live To Rock

Salvation Road


"Live To Rock"

Is it confidence
Or self delusion
Am I foolin’ myself again
That leap of faith
Was a jump to conclusions
Now I’m flat on my face my friend

So count me down
But don’t count me out
I refuse to fade away
Been a long time comin’
‘Cause I had my doubts
But I got something real to say

Just gimme three chords
I’ll tell a true story
I mean every note that I play
Gonna follow that dream
No guts, no glory
I live to rock another day (HEY HEY)
I live to rock another day

Well heads you win
And tails you lose
Only two sides to every dime
Now I call the toss
Ain’t nobody else choosin’
Makin’ my own luck this time

So set the bar
Just a little bit higher
Watch me when I hit the stage
I guarantee
You’ll see a man on fire
Actin’ ‘bout half his age


There’s no parole
From rock and roll
Baby I ain’t gettin’ out alive
Doin’ my time
In a four-wheel cage
Travelin’ from dive to dive

Would I give it all up
For a million bucks
Quit worryin’ if you buy my songs
Tell you the truth
I’d slap tires on that truck
Keep on rockin’ till the money’s all gone

Chorus /outro
I live to rock (HEY HEY) (repeats 4x)
I live to rock (3x)
Another day, another day