rich layton and tough town

Salvation Road (Single)

Salvation Road


"Salvation Road"

They say one good deed
Deserves another
That’s how you lighten your load
We’re all sent down here
To lift up our brother
Set him on Salvation Road

You just put one foot
In front of the other
That’s all you need to know
The only lesson to learn
How to love one another
Walkin’ on Salvation Road

People swear the good book
Has got all the answers
But I never cracked that code
I just packed up my sins
And I took my chances
Out on Salvation Road

To walk this path
I had to find forgiveness
Deep down in my soul
Let the truth be revealed
And recover my innocence
Down on Salvation Road

No flash of lighting
No crack of thunder
No big earthquake
No spell to fall under
Just open my eyes
To the beauty and wonder
Shinin’ on Salvation Road


So if you want
To enter the kingdom
Forget everything you’ve been sold
It’s all down to the choice
Between fear and love
Out on Salvation Road

No fiery brimstone
No judgment day
Like those prophets foretold
‘Cause heaven on earth
Is one thought away
Out on Salvation Road

‘Cause heaven on earth
Is one thought away
Out on Salvation Road
We’re all walkin’ on Salvation Road (3x)
Everybody’s walkin’ on (2x)
Salvation… Road