model citizen

Every Time

The Next Life


"Every Time"

Girl, you drive me crazy
I know you run around
You want to be my baby
but you’re always on the town

I wish I could let you go
But I just can’t say no

Every time I see your face
I’m hazy, I’m crazy
Every time I hear your name
no one can faze me,
you’re my baby

It’s like …
"your girl’s not on the level"
I never said she was
On her shoulder, there’s a devil
and he’s never had enough

I’m climbing up the walls
Just to catch you when you fall

Every time I taste your lips
I’m hazy, I’m crazy
Every time you move your hips
No one can save me
You’re my baby

But I just can’t turn away
You’re always on my mind
I know you’re not good for me
but I want you to be mine

I just can’t get enough
I guess they call it love

Every time I feel this good
I’m hazy, I’m crazy
Every time you’re in the mood
I know you’ll please me
You’re my baby
Every time you’re out of sight
Every time you spend the night
Every time I’m loving you
Every time, it’s always you