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The Other Shoe

The Next Life


"The Other Shoe"

I can tell everything I’ve learned
It won’t take long
But I cannot tell you
What is right from wrong

I can hear your heart beat loudly
Mine is not as strong
I’d sell it back to you
For a smile and a song

But it’s not mine to give
I don’t know when to call it quits

I can be the man you wanted
When you were a girl
Now that you’re a woman
I’m not so sure

I can see a fading light
It used to be so bright
Blinding me to see
Everything was not alright

I know that one day I’ll be dead
So many things better left unsaid

I disappointed you
I know it’s true
One day, you’ll be wearing the other shoe
We’ll be sharing a drink, wishing we said "I do"

I can make a million dollars
Pay off all my debts
But just one look from you
And I’m on defense

I can say it’s due to fate
And we are not to be
But I don’t I’ll ever be

I used to dream of being famous
Now I just want life to be painless

I can do the things I want
I do as I please
But I can’t undo these chains
When you’ve got the keys

I can sing a strange goodbye
Then walk into the sea
Or swim until I can’t see land
Wash away this painful memory