1. Decomposition
  2. Former Lorry Driver
  3. The Lives Of Elevators
  4. Charles And Sylvester
  5. Nora
  6. No News Is Bad News
  7. Henriette Pivots
  8. Aloysius
  9. Special Shadow
  10. No Features
  11. Suppression Of Local Control
  12. I Was A Paratrooper
  13. Total Novel
  14. Son Of Mystery (bonus CD track)



A blue lion eats a dirty berry hears old sounds shake soothing dreams A blue light hits a dirty ruby sees old hounds break soothing beams

A dying man reaches a wild sea A dying man wishes for a warmer sea A worthy man reaches a calm sea

A green lion eats a foggy berry hears wooden sounds shake desperate dreams A blue light hits a silent ruby sees hidden hounds break solid beams

A dying flame reaches a wild bee A frail flame stretches to a brave bee

A pale lion eats a bitter berry hears deep sounds shake different dreams A green light hits a falling ruby sees dead hounds break magic beams

A dying idea reaches a wild enemy A stable idea banishes a lost enemy A standing man vanishes in a warm sea

A weak lion eats a shiny berry hears pure sounds shake lazy dreams A pale light hits a quiet ruby sees free hounds break fleeting beams

"Former Lorry Driver"

Oooh I’m a former lorry driver I had to give it up The tumour on my gall bladder knocked me off the road

When I started to lose my appetite, I was given a scan Anaemia struck my body too, I had lost ten pounds

So I’ll enjoy the little time that is left and spend it with the ones I love Though I’m bitter now I’m going to wait for death calmly – I’ve got six months to live

I have planned my own funeral I chose the coffin I’ll lie in We took our money out of the bank and spent a last Christmas together

The bad news came so I got a motorbike – It’s a dream that I had always wanted to buy As for my wife, she drives a new car, she’ll be independent after I die

So I’ll enjoy the little time that is left and spend it with the ones I love Though I’m bitter now I’m going to wait for death calmly – I’ve got six months to live

You’re only suffering from an abscess It is not cancer, it is harmless It means you won’t leave us so soon

I don’t get it – I’m so devastated – I’m an absolute wreck The powerful drugs that I needlessly took have destroyed my health

Far from being delighted by this news, I don’t know how I’ll cope This reprieve has ruined my life – I really thought I’d die

"The Lives of Elevators"

Friday night, eleven, it is time for a smoke break.
But I won’t be too long, I’ll just have one and be right back.
You see I Leave my brown jacket behind on the forty-third floor.
And when the break is over, I can press the button

The elevator’s not the one to blame. Yes, someone will have to pay

Once a plane snapped the safety cables of a lift a woman was riding.
Pretty quickly, the car dived – she was injured but alive

The tape made me look like a bug in a box I had a nervous breakdown
But no one saw the cockroach They’ll find me dead on my back

The air was burning hot I recall and for hours I was face down on the floor using my shoes for a pillow

There was no egress from the shaft anywhere.
Think what you want, it’s not fair

You’ll wait ten minutes for a train.
But wait thirty seconds for an elevator and the world is coming to an end

I lost my flat I spent my money on drugs I searched in vain for paying work.
One night I walked onto an elevator and got out of it two days later.

"Charles and Sylvester"

The river flows to the Northeast – It travels through more than twenty cities It runs eighty miles before reaching the sea – Reverse its direction, what would it be?

The river is fed by plenty of streams – It only drops less than five hundred feet It will stay the same, have no worries, if you break it up into tributaries The donkey met a lion – so he wished he were a rock – The donkey was a rock all day and night The kittens and the colts went searching for him – The dogs sniffed the rock, it didn’t smell like him

The river was once well known for its waste – calling it water was a mistake It’s cleaner and you can swim in it today – but who ever thought of changing its name?

Put boards on the side, ship freight up and down – Or harden its surface and then draw a line In the middle so people’d be able to drive – The minute you do this, the river will die

Sylvester on the hill woke up less and less – And when he was awake, he was hopeless The nights grew cold, the days grew short – The winter winds blew. It snowed


I’ve got my cloak, my hat and my shawl. Now I should be gone There must be freedom on both sides. You’re not the only one

Helmer overworked himself, at the office early and late. “Go south”, the doctors said So I borrowed money to go to Italy, oh oh oh, to Italy

I’ve got my cloak, my hat and my shawl. Now I should be gone There must be freedom on both sides. You’re not the only one

Rank thinks it is all up with him, it can’t be helped, in a month he will be dead He’d give his life for my sake, says I can trust him like no one else. Yet I love him as a friend

The little lark shone bright. She is worth looking at, she was brought away by force I want to go upstairs again, the Tarantella in my blood, let me stay one hour more

In all these eight years we have never exchanged one serious word about serious things I have been your doll-wife just as at home I was papa’s doll-child

I’ve got my cloak, my hat and my shawl. Now I should be gone There must be freedom on both sides. You’re not the only one.

"No News Is Bad News"

We met in the heart of Brussels Park It was fated
Underrated Attracted by the colour of your scent I saw your silhouette
I couldn’t forget I picked a flower it was red as I’d wished
Intoxicated by your height, heat and smoke
Now we spend the weekend apart I’ve got nothing to worry about
What a light heart

No news bad news call me I’ll blow a fuse
You said you’d text me back here comes the attack I found it weird when you disappeared into the bedroom with your perfume
It is logical I’ll end up in the hospital
Everything fits together perfectly Who is he? Is he rich? The guy you’re going out with
Where did you two meet? Do you feel complete?

A message from you woke me from my sleep
They’re so unusual
Still it’s a giant leap I can’t believe you wrote me that you wished to see me for a drink
What a funny twist
You said you wanted to go past the city walls
A place where we could sit and talk quietly I hope tonight will shed light on the past
We’ll keep from going mad
and try to make us last

"Henriette Pivots"

You rise at dawn to serve your man and yet you live but half a life You keep his wardrobe well-stocked, oh yes you are the perfect wife

Your kids appear to be healthy and sane. Besides, you never complain, you greet him at the door and wait

You want to kiss him when he comes back although your hair is no longer black

You are as faithful as Penelope
But are you always sewing? He’s gone, you suffer patiently

And while he sees you as a prying corpse, you know that he is going to feel remorse

A man came down by the midday train, took a cosy room with sea view
He had manners and unfailing grace, he strolled along the terrace with you

Most people couldn’t understand the situation oh oh
All their hearts were dry and they were filled with indignation, they didn’t know

She was so faithful she was so blameless. How could she leave? How could she flee?

It may be romantic it’s unexpected love at first sight it is a folly

Who’s purer than those who are easily led astray? The question is posed You chose your own will rather than to betray someone with your eyes closed


She starts new lives every day every hour or less. Who’s dead? It’s getting hard to guess She wishes she took better care of them But where are they now? She says she’d help but she doesn’t know how

And I’d like to go out Let me leave please I don’t want to catch this disease I’ve had enough already

She wonders where everything has gone Her hat, her shoes, there are many things that she can still lose For a moment she won’t appear. “I go where I’m sent” but no one knows what she meant

She says she had the nuns on her back. She can see the girl but the grandmother’s mind is in a whirl

She was a nurse in the Indochina war she was put through the wringer she couldn’t take any more The benefits of healing other people are plenty. It mobilises you, it drives you, it helps you hold steady

And I’d like to go out Let me leave please I don’t want to catch this disease I’ve had enough already

"Special Shadow"
Here, every thing is dipped in grey every thing earth, trees and air even the sky, the eyes, the sunlight, every possible ray is dipped in monotonous grey If you only knew how strange it is to be here in this dull world without any colour or sound every girl that you see looks frozen into immobility

Suddenly a car is moving straight at you and people seem larger as they come closer you Bicyclists and pedestrians cross the street, approaching the edge of the screen and vanish somewhere beyond

But you can’t hear the rumble of the wheels, you can’t hear any footsteps or speech. It happens noiselessly, these movements are not accompanied by the usual symphony Though all of it swarms with life their laughter is silent there’s nothing in their smiles but shadows cruelly punished by being deprived of any sound All at once a locomotive rolls in, full speed, immersing the whole building in fear and yet quickly disappears Three men seated at a table playing cards almost split their sides and look as if they had died You’re finally disturbed You’re finally depressed Where are you now? What day is today? You forget and your heart grows faint your body needs rest It seems this grey life carries a warning fraught with a sinister meaning your consciousness begins to wane and grow dim, your mind’s invaded by strange feelings And one day these pictures will be replaced by others called “As She Undresses” or “Madam In Her Bubble Bath” A sordid fight between a husband and a wife a fashionable parasite impaled upon a picket fence

"No Features"

At first I heard it and it was like I knew the wines that make you passionate, the intimate things about you
I wonder if it is a real choice. I like to listen to your voice

But then I got too curious, I looked for your picture
The face really was peculiar since your hair is darker
And signs of wrinkles likely betrayed it wasn’t you who were portrayed

He wrote and sang his songs the way I love, compared to his contenders then, for me, he was a cut above
He only needed to create a sound to have you believe he was around

But then I saw an imitation of what he could look like
An image is a limitation of work done with a mic There are no features that can embrace such subtlety and grace

Oh no she missed it, she blew it so hard
She could have made it, she had a trump card
Over the phone, under her spell, everything went so well

She thought she would be able to guess who he was and how he looked when he came, she was fearless
He saw her read the message he had sent, he fled and never called her again

"Suppression of Local Control"

Green grass hat ink apple. Sad face music clown girl
Experimenter – experimenter – let me go, my heart will give out I’m no longer part of it all

Hard head stone bread work. White cloud horse rock house
Please continue please continue. We’ve put all our trust in you – no harm will be done to your tissues

Are you kidding? You’re an actor, boy. You don’t know what I’ve been through here
A person like me hurting you, my god. I didn’t want to do it to you

Every time I pressed the button I died and maybe you were watching me
My reactions were giggly, trying to stifle laughs I really thought I’d kill that man

Sweating, trembling, biting their lips
Some were groaning, some were blushing
Some others heaved sighs of relief

Teachers were digging their fingernails into their skin
Or giving hints to the victims
Or stuttering or having seizures

I believed the man was dead until we opened the door, I said it’s great But it didn’t even bother me to find out he was gone because I had accomplished a job

"I Was a Paratrooper"

I was a soldier in North Africa, did my duty there, projecting dreams and producing rumours of fame and grandeur

Yes I was at war and I knew my gear inside and out relaying news to my fellow fighters, paratroopers How did you get all your medals and decorations? First a xerox and then a specialised shop We like you, Sir, we’ve known you for years. If I could help you I would be pleased. I’m a knight, I’m on the list of the Order of Merit. Don’t know why, with a different forename – oh what a shame

All of this quickly has to change, it cannot stay the same – The official gazette made a little mistake, I will complain

Word is on the street your ribbons aren’t well deserved. I’ll cleanse my honour, it’s something I must preserve

You are always dressed up like a Christmas tree.. I’m going to be a red conferee A report has been lodged, I know it has. I beg you to help me My wife and kids, they don’t know about it, please set me free I’m upset I was manipulated by him – I wanted to be someone, to satisfy my whim No more flag to raise – no more flame to revive – My history lies in ruins – I lost my whole life I put a date on my calendar – I’ve got so much free time – no more handshake, no more funeral – only a trial

"Total Novel"
In two shakes of a lamb’s tail she said both are the same – But he did not turn a hair
“No one needs reasons to be afraid” is a phrase coined by a guilty head

I’ve had a lot of fun. Good-bye, and thank you
There is no better way

He said he was frightened by the sight of chairs – There’s something scary about their shape Though they’re good pets by our side every day, they suggest that someone’s not there

I’ve had a lot of fun. Good-bye, and thank you
There is no better way

A writer can become the prisoner of the image others make of him – Did they want to kill the author?

It was a rebirth – He was starting again
With another name, something else could begin
The perfect illusion of renewing himself
No better way to say it

A python resembles an elephant’s trunk but a snake often sheds its skin So he got a young one at 59, the age of his mother when she died

I’ve had a lot of fun. Good-bye, and thank you

"Son of Mystery"

Slim, did you miss an audition When you had to be a mortician? When you worked for the Purple Gang? Creating your own slang

Were you a truck driver? Or a professional boxer? Or a pilot during the war Across the Pacific on a B-26

You learned how to speak a few words in Greek When you were lost in Crete. From then on, language never caused you anguish

You liked to say ovauti And most of all orooni So without you, what would we be but alone in our misery?

And Jack said that Dean had seen you in a dream His belly was all blue. He thought “What can I talk about?”. Your answer was in Vout

Nobody knows where you are even in this Frisco bar With your shroud of mystery – We hope you’ll never be on the scrap heap of history