model citizen

The Next Life


  1. Every Time
  2. Magic Trick
  3. Get Out
  4. The Next Life
  5. The Other Shoe
  6. Death Wish
  7. I Will Resist
  8. Out of My Head
  9. No Goodbye
  10. Nuclear Dancehall
  11. Hell Hath No Fury
  12. Shattering a Fantasy Pt. 1


"Every Time"

Girl, you drive me crazy
I know you run around
You want to be my baby
but you’re always on the town

I wish I could let you go
But I just can’t say no

Every time I see your face
I’m hazy, I’m crazy
Every time I hear your name
no one can faze me,
you’re my baby

It’s like …
"your girl’s not on the level"
I never said she was
On her shoulder, there’s a devil
and he’s never had enough

I’m climbing up the walls
Just to catch you when you fall

Every time I taste your lips
I’m hazy, I’m crazy
Every time you move your hips
No one can save me
You’re my baby

But I just can’t turn away
You’re always on my mind
I know you’re not good for me
but I want you to be mine

I just can’t get enough
I guess they call it love

Every time I feel this good
I’m hazy, I’m crazy
Every time you’re in the mood
I know you’ll please me
You’re my baby
Every time you’re out of sight
Every time you spend the night
Every time I’m loving you
Every time, it’s always you

"Magic Trick"

It’ll blow your budget, it’s a sale you can’t miss
You know your daddy’ll bail you out if you insist
You live the life of an artist, you’re committed to it
As long as you can afford a condo in the Village

You might say I’m out of line
but I’ve felt this way for a long, long time
With a shake of your fist
I see your magic trick

You thought that racism was over with a black president
You are shocked when the police get away with killing
You don’t think that riots will make anything right
You say that black lives matter but your friends are all white

You might say I’m out of line
but I’ve known this about you a little while
You think that I’ll miss,
but oh I see your magic trick
oh, I see your magic trick

And then you disappear

When you talk to your friends, you talk of healthy living
Then you blow your money on booze and cocaine
I guess you have a hard time thinking with a clear head
Sometimes you wonder if you’re better off dead

You might say I’m out of line
but that I think that you are in denial
you’re not selling it
and I’m not buying it
you’re a hypocrite
I see your magic trick

"Get Out"

Sometimes I cannot speak I cannot move I cannot breathe
And I, I wonder if my mind is turning on me

I am not ordinary
I’m not a thing you can repair
It’s not too late to get of here

You say that I’m so different, my moods start to change
Maybe I need to try a little more to make them go away

But I’m not in control
It’s a force that’s more than chemical
I’m some kind of demented soul

Fuck, I just need to think
I’m gonna get out of here

There’s two, two people living inside my own skin
But who, who let this animal possess me from within

It’s not a cry for help
It’s just my fucked up mental health
I wish it wasn’t the way I felt

It’s like, am I dying or am I going insane
Sit tight, it’ll go away, it has since I was seventeen

You know I try and try
But I’m a slave to my own mind
Can someone give it a redesign

Fuck, I just need to think
I’m gonna get out of here

"The Next Life"

Well dear,
You were an excellent guest
I wish you had stayed longer
But there’s nothing that I regret

Well, love
I won’t be seeing you no more
A broken heart, a love lost
A bruise forever sore

Well, honey
Why don’t you just take all the money
turn your back on me,
it’s easier this way, baby

I wish I’d made it right
We’ll make it in the next life

Well, sweetie
You know you’re all kinds of pretty
You’re hot to the touch
I never can have enough

Well, angel
Please, please, please dry your eyes
It’s won’t get easier
But we’ll both get good with lies

Well, babe
I just keep writing you songs
It’s my way to try to keep you close
Even when you’ve been long gone

I wish I’d made it right
We’ll make it in the next life

No no no no no no
Don’t say you love me
Unless your heart is on fire
Unless you’re filled with desire
Unless you know you can’t retire
You can’t help but smile
And you know it’s undeniable
And you know it’s just incredible
And you’re willing to lose it all
To believe the unbelievable

"The Other Shoe"

I can tell everything I’ve learned
It won’t take long
But I cannot tell you
What is right from wrong

I can hear your heart beat loudly
Mine is not as strong
I’d sell it back to you
For a smile and a song

But it’s not mine to give
I don’t know when to call it quits

I can be the man you wanted
When you were a girl
Now that you’re a woman
I’m not so sure

I can see a fading light
It used to be so bright
Blinding me to see
Everything was not alright

I know that one day I’ll be dead
So many things better left unsaid

I disappointed you
I know it’s true
One day, you’ll be wearing the other shoe
We’ll be sharing a drink, wishing we said "I do"

I can make a million dollars
Pay off all my debts
But just one look from you
And I’m on defense

I can say it’s due to fate
And we are not to be
But I don’t I’ll ever be

I used to dream of being famous
Now I just want life to be painless

I can do the things I want
I do as I please
But I can’t undo these chains
When you’ve got the keys

I can sing a strange goodbye
Then walk into the sea
Or swim until I can’t see land
Wash away this painful memory

"Death Wish"

So I’m stuck in the rain
Running in an open plane
Then I’m swimming til’ I can’t see land
No love no hope no plan

Now I’m lying in a bar
On my best girl’s arm
With a shit eating grin
That lets no one in
And I’m thinking of you
And I’m wondering too
How you possessed me
Then abandoned your property

And I try to escape
A past that I can’t erase
You’re a letter I’ll never send
You’re a game of make pretend

And I’m driving down the highway
I’m yelling out "My Way"
Thinking Frank never did
And neither did Sid
What we undertook
And they never got this shook
Now I’m working on a death wish
Just to figure out my shit

"I Will Resist"

You can say what you want
Or you can add it all up and be done
Just make a move and be on your way
Don’t try to push me around
Can’t match me pound for pound
Don’t force your phony beliefs on me

I will resist when I bleed
I will resist even though I can’t succeed
Good god I can’t believe that it’s come to this
I will resist

I’ll make it known
This emperor has no clothes
I’ll draw a line in the sand
And I’m going to hold my ground
Won’t see me ever back down
Boy, now I’m gonna make a stand

I will resist when I bleed
I will resist even though I can’t succeed
Good god I can’t believe that it’s come to this
I will resist

Millions coming around
We’re rising from the ground
This won’t end so well for you
But keep looking smug
Ignore that tug of the rug
You’ll fall and get what’s due

I will resist when I bleed
I will resist even though I can’t succeed
Good god I can’t believe that it’s come to this
I will resist

"Out of My Head"

You’re either in, or I’m seething within
I won’t be stuck in the grey
I’ve had enough of playing it tough
Why can’t you just do what I say
I guess it’s hard to be playing your part
It’s a lot to handle
You understand that being a man
is something that you can’t sell

But maybe now’s the time to go
They say you reap just what you sow

Passing time by telling me lies
you don’t seem to care anymore
It’s as if you have a miracle gift
for pissing away what we worked for
Time to pay, it’s reckoning day
We will see things clearer
I’m alright, I can look you in the eye
I just can’t look in the mirror

It’s black and blue, not black and white
I’m not about to set it right

Can you see I’m falling off the edge
Can’t seem to get you out of my head

Now you’re gone and I’m on the run
to anywhere I can go
Just hope that I can make a new life
forget all the things I don’t know
It’s all too clear that keeping you near
was selfish down to the grain
Now you’re missing and I keep insisting
that I won’t get wet in the rain

This life is not a work of art
No hope will give us a new start

Can you see I’m falling off the edge
Can’t seem to get you out of my head

"No Goodbye"

Veiled contempt, regret, and a love betrayed
Did you think I wasn’t flattered
Did you think I wasn’t flattered
Desperate for a love that you never gave
Guess you never knew what mattered
Guess you never knew what mattered

Now I’m free
And you’ll never have me
No goodbye
No so long, well we tried

Will you face the truth or will you run away
Will you ever love yourself
Will you ever love yourself
I wish you’d cry your tears and feel obliged one day
To think about how I felt
You should think about how I felt

Now I’m free
And you don’t belong to me
No goodbye
No so long, well we tried

It’s been so long since I could show you how I’m feeling
But you never let our love to grow, set my heart to healing

White picket fence and a family
But I guess I hoped you’d have more
But I guess I hoped you’d have more
I had a dream that you would come to finally see
That I loved you to my core
Guess you never knew what for

Now I’m free
And babe, you had the only key
To my heart
But things fall apart
Now there’s no goodbye
No so long, well we tried
No goodbye
No so long, well we tried

"Nuclear Dancehall"

Nuclear Dancehall
Nuclear Dancehall

Coming through the sound system
Heavy dose of radiation
Like the book of Revelation
Please god bring me salvation

Nuclear Dancehall
Nuclear Dancehall

No one left to enjoy the show
Since that moron got his hands on the launchcodes
Now we dance, play the music slow
Nuclear winter, work it down and low

Nuclear Dancehall
Nuclear Dancehall

I remember the mushroom cloud
Rain of fire so big and loud
Oh, I glow in the dark somehow
It’s never packed in the dancehall now

Nuclear Dancehall
Nuclear Dancehall
Nuclear Dancehall
Nuclear Dancehall

"Hell Hath No Fury"

He stands with arms crossed
and furrows his brow
He says to his friend
"This, we cannot allow"
He has no compassion
He doesn’t understand
Hell hath no fury
like an angry young man

He says he is noble
but he lies and he cheats
He claims to have virtue
then he rages and beats
When he tries to control
but she is just beyond reach
Hell hath no fury
like a madman’s conceit

I once told a lover
I’d love her forever
But she turned me away
and found someone better
Now, my heart longs
and I weep silently
Oh, hell hath no fury
when it ends so sadly

It’s not hard to see
that we all are the same
We fight and we scramble
to all win the game
Isn’t it sad how we
live selfishly
Hell hath no fury
‘cause we all have our needs

Now we all roam
as if we knew where to go
but where we are going
ain’t nobody know
We analyze and fashion
our world with belief
but hell hath no fury
like a lost soul beyond reach

"Shattering a Fantasy Pt. 1"

Girl, when I close my eyes
there’s a vision of paradise

Me and you
never unglued
just holding each other all through the night

There’s just this moment, between us
so quickly, it flees passed
I swear that
in my mind, it lasts and lasts

In to the future, forever
wherever, whenever
all I need is one night
to show you I love ya’

Listen, you have a way to fill my head
with dreams of your kiss,
with just the curl of your smile
I just can’t resist

You lay me down
You tie me down
You play around
with just the shake of your hips

Girl, I can see a light
a path to the love of my life

I just want to be close to you
to fold you in two
girl, I just want to blow your mind

I know that you think of yourself as a girl
who will one day meet a boy who will shake up her world
and then you’ll fall in love, and be above, the darkness that captures
your heart sometimes, and you can be happy ever after

But you’re a woman
and I’m a man
and I’m not a prince
oh, I wish you’d understand

I can be your king
you can be my queen
but I’ll never be the one
who can make you happy

That’s for you to do
and only you
That’s the way life goes
Why it is, no one knows

comes from consistency
This ain’t nothing
but a tragedy

Girl, I wish I had you
but it’ll never be the way that you want it too
A fantasy, a fairytale, make believe
not what you get from a human being