rebekah rolland

Standing Still

Seed & Silo


Pressed to my mind
Wrapped up tight, a midnight ride
Floating on the dreams that we have carried many miles
Pressed as the stars to darkness
A hum in the night, seed and silo silent for a little while

Drawn like the prairie dawn
Flickering through the night
Faded now, but you never really said goodbye

Pressed to my mind
A blanket of white, fast asleep
But you know that life is buried in the ground underneath
Shining as light through the trees/Snow to my knees
We’re making wings
My heart beats for the things like these

Repeat Chorus

Figures and faded lines
Red as summer light
Black as February frozen in my mind, in my mind
Pressed deep in memory
The plough, the tree alone, and she is standing still in front of me

Repeat Chorus