cayden wemple

Car Crash From an Aerial View

Cayden Wemple- Car Crash From an Aerial View
  1. Mad
  2. Not to Sugarcoat it
  3. The Boat Song
  4. Southpaw
  5. Better



Yeah we’re so mad, you’re pointing fingers at what’s black the moon and your dad
You’re getting’ chased out by sharks but the reef didn’t cut that bad

So you take it black; the coffee and your eye
They’ll say you fell down the stairs but they never asked why
It’s mutually assured destruction, but some of our finest intentions
What have they gotten us into?
Oh it’s not like you to be so philanthropic; in fact, it’s the opposite
And we’ll rely on, oh, we’ll rely on something that you never thought twice about
Yea your human kindness brought us half way around
And you’ve never been too fond of trying
And we’ve never been too fond of asking for much
But the bomb’s going off and we don’t have time
No I’m not going back to apologize
I have to get back to my family
Cause we’ll see the light at around 10:17
We’ll pack our car and drive towards anything
We won’t do as much but at least this is ending
My God what a great doomsday
Everyone says this is all because you’re gay

But maybe we’re all gay, yea, yea
For change
Cause it’s mutually assured destruction
But some of our finest intentions, some of our finest intentions, some of our finest intentions

"Not to Sugarcoat it"

The fire looks nice and it’s just as tempting, but if I get too close
My mind will start melting for you

And I know we used to talk in codes but they lost their meaning
Everyone’s awake but you’re still dreaming of me

Well she thinks that I’m still alive on the outside
Well not for long

If she keeps, she keeps, she keeps looking back at me
Waiting on my love to bleed out my heart and my head and I can’t keep this all in my chest

But you don’t mind, ‘cause if you get what you want then you’ll be fine
And if the whites of your eyes turn into five inch knives
Don’t attack me with your words, attack me with your vision
And we’ll find you in the kitchen with some pretty boy
with a useless voice, and a way with words
I know that sounds exciting but his perfect tone wasn’t fit for writing

Well he keeps, he keeps, he keeps looking back at you
Waiting on your lust to pull through
But you wait, you wait for your heart to explode
You made up a box to put your load of hate for me
But it’s in the storage and we lost the key

And I fear the most from you, ‘cause I thought we went through this a week ago
No two weeks ago, no eight weeks ago
And she won’t stop calling me her love-line that was backed up with calls
It hasn’t been that long, but you’re having withdrawals
I’m your Vicodin with a touch of pain
If you don’t take me you’ll go insane

Well she thinks that I’m not addicted on the outside

You keep, you keep, you keep running into me
Waiting on my scars to breath for you
But they’re dead
And I can’t remember exactly what I said
But I know that it hurt, and not to rub the wound with dirt
But I’m telling you, so you don’t come back
I’m not doing this ‘cause I’m afraid of your dad
But it’d be better if you were kept in-line and they tell you this time after time

I can’t catch you, ‘cause my coordination is off
And you’ll hit the ground, and we’ll beg you to stop

"The Boat Song"

Tuesday morning it’s the equinox
And a year ago she taught me how to
Skip the rocks across the lake
Where her gold was found
Guess she loved the winter ‘cause no one was around
To hold her hand
Across the ice
Her body’s freezing but it kept the lice out of her hair
And she’s aware
That what she’s doing
Is making us all scared

And I hope they find her boat
Cause what’s capsized now
Is sure to be afloat in the end

Friday morning
It’s almost Easter
Christ is still dead
And she couldn’t keep her mouth shut
Cause what she’d seen
Was a war with nothing
And she was starting to bleed
Into her coffee cup
That was filled with the news
Mixed with the blood red it cause thirty shades of the blues

And I hope they find that note
Cause a list of nothing
Is sure to make them cope somehow

Wednesday morning the fog is lifting
She’s fast asleep and she won’t stop drifting
Her little boat
That wasn’t capsized
She ran away for the sake of her life
She told her mom
She’s right to her
But it’s hard to pick out all that’s pure
(All that’s pure)

And I hope
They find that coat
Cause what’s inside
Is sure to leave a hole in your heart


I’m Mike Tyson with a stronger sense of hearing
A makeshift ring that holds all your friends to fight in

It’s how she got her natural high
I’m K.O’d but you’re okay

Meet me in the back he says I’ve got something for you
It’s a great way to meet new friends when you’ve got bruises up and your shoulder

I said wait, wait, wait, that’s my dignity
I said wait, wait, wait, that’s all she is to me
No one’s gonna take you when you’re southpaw
I’m K.O’d but you’re okay

You put an icepack on my temple
You put an icepack on my chest
I dug ditches with your shovel
They weren’t that deep now it’s time to rest

In my dreams they didn’t take you
I heard them laughing about instead
But the ice took your fingertips
And turned the rest of you bright red
They’re gonna take you to bed


I have to get to Los Angeles
‘Cause I knew you’d find me there
I thought I missed my connecting flight
And I got a little scared
Well I’m not scared of much
That’s a lie

We moved into flat tops, no locks, crop tops
Anything that made you look a little better
Despite the changing weather

I don’t care
I’m not here to fix the ends
I don’t care
On whether or not we’re friends
She just hopes that I’m better
I don’t care if I’m better

Northern California
I’m not talking about some cliche bridge
I’m not here to make you cringe
No, I’m here to make your smile
A little brighter, a little tighter, a little rough around the edges
Let’s hope she catches on

I don’t care
I’m not here to fix the ends
I don’t care
On whether or not we’re friends
She just hopes that I’m better
I don’t care if I’m better

You said I’m supposed to bother you
It’s all part of our plan
You told me
Don’t let it get to you
I’ve always been your biggest fan

Your biggest fan (outro)