jared saltiel

Wayward Queen (single)

Jared Saltiel Wayward Queen Single


Long before the leaves had turned
Back when the earth was green
As the fire burned
I heard the calling to my queen
To pledge myself in arms to serve
And honor her until at last I leave
For the sea

Now that I have learned
I must renew the child I’ve been
Yes, I would speak those words
But where are you, my wayward queen?
Or should I settle here and lie
In fear that I might never again see
Your beauty?

Wandering this lonely island
I’ve only known silence
But there, fair-haired and lovely
Beneath the oak tree
She calls out in melody
Singing “Please, rescue me”

So i will call upon the memory of what I’ve seen
Yes, I will soldier on eternally, my wayward queen If love is true, I’ll never need
To choose between another one and you
You who have always been my lover
You who to all the world’s a mother
You will tear the world asunder
You who I give my love