jared saltiel

Out Of Clay

Jared Saltiel Out Of Clay Album Artwork
  1. The Fountain
  2. The Gift
  3. Blanchefleur
  4. Dreamcatcher
  5. Wayward Queen
  6. Galatea
  7. Little Black Cat
  8. Blood In the Snow
  9. Black Cauldron
  10. Capricorn
  11. Lady of Clay
  12. The Tower



As my feet touch on the golden sand
The tides that brought me here recede again
And when the mist has cleared I take it in
The island

Climbing ever higher in the dunes
I see the glint of the silver lagoon
And in the half-light of the waning moon
The fountain

Look into the water
She will be your lover
But I am still your Queen
Never abandon me

Waking in the golden light of dawn
The sea is still, the silver pool is gone
And under crystal skies, I gaze upon
The highlands

Out beyond the rolling hills of green
I’ll find that face of beauty that I’ve seen
I’ll climb until I reach the snowy peak
Of the mountain

Lady in the water Look into the water
You will be my lover She will be your lover
You will be my Queen But I will be your Queen…
That you may temper me

Though you may be a dream
Never abandon me
And I will treasure thee
Never abandon me
And I will treasure thee


Earth and water, into clay
A vessel forged in fire
She will be reborn to awaken your desire

Gifts of beauty, charm and grace
The music of the lyre
She will be adorned in Heaven’s attire

The woman descends from the mountain
To punish men

Yet the greatest gift of all
You must always deny her
In this earthen jar, life will never tire
But you must not open it

In this jar, here reside
All the treasures of your mind
Do you not wonder what you might find?

Death and hunger, war and rage
The longing for the other
Life will spring anew from the blood of the mother
But you must not give it up

The woman descends from the garden
Bearing sin

In this jar, here reside
All the pleasures of your mind
Do you not wonder what you might find?
What have you to hide?

In the jar, does love remain?
We can only hope


Blanchefleur, I know I’m gonna pick you
Of all the others, I knew
My hand would be the one your thorn sticks to

Of all the others, I will
Tend the garden, I will
Guard your castle, until
Adventure calls me away someday

Of all the others,
I will cross the rising river to your dock
To hold you in my hand
To prove that I’m the strongest man

Of all the others, my sword
Will kill for you
To win your love

Then Blanchefleur, take me to your white room
For only you can tend my wounds
Underneath the crescent moon

Of all the others, you were
Waiting in your tower
Waiting for a hero to come
Ride in with the rising sun

Of all the others, I was lost
Praying on my lovers’ cross
Until you touched my hand
Princess of a besieged land

Of all the others, we’ll bleed red
In your bed, and we’ll be wed
Lovers in earth


Dreamcatcher, couldn’t you keep me company?
Bad people come in my sleep, don’t leave me
If you agree, I’ll hang you over me

Dreams, they don’t keep, they dissipate when you wake
When darkness lets in the light of day, that sweet escape
I won’t be free, I’ll hang you over me

All that I’ve seen is blinding me, I’m on my knees
If you agree, you could be my cross, I’m at a loss

Dreamcatcher, even the air is awake
Keep me asleep, keep me here, keep me safe
If you agree, I’ll hang you over me


Long before the leaves had turned
Back when the earth was green
As the fire burned
I heard the calling to my queen
To pledge myself in arms to serve
And honor her until at last I leave
For the sea

Now that I have learned
I must renew the child I’ve been
Yes, I would speak those words
But where are you, my wayward queen?
Or should I settle here and lie
In fear that I might never again see
Your beauty?

Wandering this lonely island
I’ve only known silence
But there, fair-haired and lovely
Beneath the oak tree
She calls out in melody
Singing “Please, rescue me”

So I will call upon the memory of what I’ve seen
Yes, I will soldier on eternally, my wayward queen If love is true, I’ll never need
To choose between another one and you
You who have always been my lover
You who to all the world’s a mother
You will tear the world asunder
You who I give my love


Burned by true love’s flame
And spurned by love’s embrace
In art, I sought to claim
A woman’s beauty of my heart’s making

So in ivory I carved a maid
And took no rest, night or day
’Til perfection stood before me
I gave her a name

Behold my Galatea
In her shall Beauty breathe

Her skin was white as snow
Though I touched her cheek, there was no glow
No kiss could warm her lip so cold
My sleeping beauty, her ivory eyes closed

What cruel path I chose
The fates had woven their yarns of gold
And only Heaven could set her blood to flow

I love you, Galatea
Will you ever love me?

Venus, Venus, lover divine
Will you bring my statue to life tonight?
Goddess, Goddess, who me your sign
That you can hear my foolish prayer
Three shooting stars light the air

My hope renewed and ardent
I ran to take her in my arms
In blushing skin and beating heart
In woman I saw Nature’s art

And as her eyes parted
As light filled in the darkness
I stood before her, and I offered my heart

Behold your maker, Galatea
I made you to love me
Will you choose me to?

We lived as man and woman
And spurned the world, though I knew we couldn’t
I locked the door and I closed the curtains
I loved you as though worshipping

This cage to hold a bird’s wings
But what sweet music could you sing
Your song, it longed to be free
For what good was beauty when it belonged to me?
Yes, I was always yours, but you were mine no more
You belonged to the world
And one day I flung open the door

I really loved you, Galatea
Did you really
Oh, how could she,
Why did you love me?


Late at night, I saw you on my way back home
Waiting on the sidewalk with your eyes aglow
You seemed to stare as I turned near
But when I turned back, you had disappeared
Where do you run off to, little black cat?

I could use a friend tonight
To guide me through another moonless night
Won’t you come back, little black cat?

11:09 PM, I’m pretty sure I saw her again
Down another block, I had to go across the street to get a glimpse
Are you a spectre from my past
Or just a pair of eyes for the looking glass?
Where do you run off to, little black cat?

I could use a friend tonight
To guide me through another moonless night
Won’t you come back, little black cat?

Where do you run off to, little black cat?
I’ll follow behind you, little black cat


Blood in the snow
In my shadow
Blood in the snow
For I bade her “Go”

I longed to be free
To worship at Beauty’s feet
I wandered carelessly
And now my lovely memory bleeds


Black night falls again
Flickering light glows off in the distance
Glows white, closer now, the forest beckons

White fire of creation
Three figures sing incantations
Step closer and ask you foolish question

Black cauldron, tell me
What do you see?
Black cauldron, who will be
The one for me?

Love may come
Love may go
But why do you run
From one who loves you so?


Capricorn, you’re real as earth
You were forged in Nature’s hearth
As the mountain rose from the sea
You horn of plenty would sustain me

But Capricorn, I’m free as air
I was born with the wind in my hair
My sailor’s heart turns to dawn
To seek what wonders lie beyond the horizon

Capricorn, as the waters rise
I can’t hold all these tears in my eyes
Back up the mountain you go
Beneath the falling snow
Will I follow?
Will I follow?


I made a lady of clay
I needed a figure to pray on
I prayed for the lady to stay
I prayed for a lady of clay

I saw the lady in you
And you saw something in me too
What did you see that I don’t?
And why am I standing here all alone?
Why does my vision go dark
On the lady of my heart?

I haven’t the heart left to pray
But if I turn back, will the darkness stay?
Or if I brave through the night
Will the lady return to my sight
And to my side?

Only a blind man would pray
As I for a lady of clay


In the dark I sip the bitter wine
And dream a lovely dream no longer mine
I drain the cup, and I set out to find
The fountain

Over crooked rocks and twisted thorns
As if the earth herself were filled with scorn
I hear her calling, solemn and forlorn
From the tower

Are you captive in this evil keep?
Enchanted stones give way beneath my feet
I leap the chasm, certain that I’ll reach
My lady

The banquet is set for three
What sorcery could this be?
Give my lover back to me

You can’t love what you cannot see
She never was yours to own
So look on the mystery