sven erik olsen

Sketchbook Traces

Sven-Erik Olsen Album Artwork
  1. Pop Bottle Green Eyes
  2. Sketchbook Traces
  3. Lost & Losin’ It Fast
  4. Lilt
  5. Distant Summer
  6. You Found Me
  7. Sunny Dream
  8. Childhood Blur



Pop Bottle Green Eyes
She waits at the door
Into the dream of a long-lost summer I’m still pining for
Out riding our bikes down Cherry Tree Lane
Where our hearts would beat in tandem with the passing trains
But I suddenly saw her and died
Waiting for him to swing by on her block
It was then, they lost me

Pop Bottle Green Eyes
So fair and so fine
And the time we had was short but then that’s how it flies
The dream bothering me came along in December
Her walkin’ away to the strains of a friendly refrain that she had in mind
And I, I’ve never been much of a prize
Feeling like this I can find every fault
It was then, she lost me now

Pop bottle green eyes,
She’s got the pop bottle green eyes
Pop bottle green eyes
She got away, yeah…

And now I feel such devotion
And needlessly suffer through moments of torture
But now I can say with a firmness of force
That it pained me to learn that she felt no remorse
And yes, you could say that promises were made
As her lies ricocheted off the grand promenade
But I never could fake what my heart couldn’t take
So I hastened to say, “Wait around, it could break”
But I never took much of her time
And though it may seem like a crime of the heart
It was then she lost me now

Pop bottle green eyes…


Walking out in the rain
I never felt so fine
And I get why that explains dynamite
And I can sleep knowing
I won’t be around to find out
And I can still tell you a thing or two
Of what it’s all about
Oh yeah

Cause I can try to fantasize
I could even die
And I could live again
And never quite wonder why
Yes, and I could cry havoc
And I could cry goodbye
But it seems kinda tragic in a way I’ll never realize

And you belong in the world
And I belong inside
‘Cause no one else ever knows my mind
And I can freeze up inside
It springs to mind’s eye
And I’d be fine if I stumbled
But I never will survive life

Cause I could try to fantasize….

And you belong with the living and breathing
And I belong with the pining and dreaming away
And I guess that’s where I’d always planned to stay
For a while, I thought you could meet me halfway

Yes, and I could cry havoc…


Got no adage!
Can’t say nothing anymore
Tethered like a wretch
A hated jester without a court appointment in the wings, no

You know I’m lost and losin’ it fast
And my friends have called the last time
And I’m losin’ it

It’s September
Now where’s that ashtray again?
Alison, don’t you get it?
You’re my dream girl ‘til the end
I know that much now

See I’m lost and losin’ it fast
And my time it came and then it passed
And no one knows it

Who knows when I’ll be young again?
Would it make a difference then?
True to form without remorse,
The aim of time is death
I know that much now

Losin’ it fast
And the folks are aghast
And no one knows it

Who knows when I’ll be young again?
Would it make a difference then?
I’m not conceding nothing
And I don’t care if they don’t understand


So this is how it feels to be reelin’ it in?
Don’t want it to end and not come back again
And end up one of them

Well, all you gotta do is lilt along
All you gotta do is lilt along
Well, there’s nothing left to do but lilt along
Lilt along

It gets so hard just to stay awake
I wanna feel alive again
But then something would have to break
Is that a chance I’d take?

No, all you gotta do is lilt along
All you gotta do is lilt along
There’s nothing left to do but lilt along
Lilt along

Time doesn’t end
It just loses strength
To reach such lofty heights
I went to such awful lengths
Just what was I up against?

Well, all you gotta do is lilt along…


Never felt so bewildered
Couldn’t even tell it was daytime
When I’m sad I lean to the sun
A tale to tell

And I guess you lost every time
And he wasn’t dead inside
Other than that, I bet you’d walk on by
Don’t laugh, I want to survive

And I love you
Yeah, I love you still

Time was when I could call you
Summer’s almost gone and yet no autumn comes around
Underneath the leaves I saw a shadow
Calling me to cross some paths alone

And I met you there in my armchair
True to keep, yet I’m alright
Told I’d find you deep in the darkness
Caught in a column of pure sunlight

And I love you
And I love you still

And then you fell in a black hole
And found my tale wasn’t so
And he don’t understand you
But you could never let go
Why is this happening for?
Why did this happen such a long time?
But I will seek you out
Or I will live underground
This time I will find you
Goodbye to everyone I know
What did I tell you now?
Was I worth the rescue?


Winter throws us off the radar every time
Blows the snow around us ‘til the day we die
But I’ve no reason to recall that bitter, violent day
You wandered out this way

Now that you found me
I can make it through
Now that you found me
We’ll have lots to do
Now that you found me
I know that there’s a reason to exist
And no, that’s not alright

‘Cause we won’t ever dare to even run
And autumn is no time for brand new days
Yet blooming roses, too, they grow within you and I
Without us knowing why
Now that you found me
I can make it through
Oh yeah
Now that you found me
We’ll have lots to do

And I won’t even turn them around
And I won’t be gone the time that I like

Now that you found me
I can make it true
I found you and it’s true
Now that I found you
I can make it true
Now that I found you
I can make it true


The look on your face says it all
You don’t want me now and I don’t blame none
Yeah, I’m very sorry I ever saved you
I don’t know what’s coming over me now
Then I hear a melody

Don’t wanna let go the sunny dream, no
I wanna live in sunny dream, oh yeah

I’m just a no-name and that says it all
You wouldn’t bat an eye if you crossed me in the hall
I’m nothing, no one that’s worth saving
I right blamed you when I let you down
But I won’t say no

Don’t wanna give up sunny dream, no
I gotta live in sunny dream, oh yeah

Don’t wanna lose everything I have
Won’t give up good times for bad
When I know there’s nothing new, I cannot live
I don’t host seminars on everything I did
I don’t use sentences, at times I’m stompin’ mad
I’m in a limbo state when everything gets bad

Or am I wrong?
Am I wrong?
Am I no one?
Am I wrong?
So wrong
Am I no one to you?
Am I wrong?
Was I wrong?
Yes, I’m wrong
So wrong


When you told me to try on this disguise
Let the fellow die alone
Maddy, I fell for your sighs
Now you got me for your own

Wrote to tell you, I felt like a child
On a stormy autumn road
And you told me about the wind and sand
Around you long ago

It’s a story I’ve told too many times
But you know me, I can’t forget a lie
And I beg you to use it if you like
For the devil loves his own

Through the window I can still see your ride
Hate to tell you it’s abandoned
On a roadside long ago, they found your dead eyes on a seventeen idol

And you bottled it to take her on a bayside run
Oh, like a bridge too far, you fell in love

But can you even say that it was all a lie
When you felt it in your gut?
On the levee, we wanted to defy
Every omen of the flood

There’s the old road that I took you on a lark
And it’s been there as a symbol of not knowing what is right
How I lit out that night across the desert to die