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"They lean hard into the classic country pastiche to pretty solid results." [1/23/18]

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—If It's Too Loud...

"Down Low is an impressive and charming debut that goes down like a glass of ice-cold sweet tea." [1/16/2018]

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—Madison Desler, Paste Magazine

"'High Time' is jukebox in a lonesome diner country." [1/12/2018]

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—Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

"Youssi’s vocal sounds as genuine as a Carter or a Cash." [1/10/2018]

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—Ear to the Ground

"'Down Low' offers a high time for one and all!" [12/6/2017]

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—Stephen Rapid - Lonesome Highway

"Youssi croons while the steel guitar soothes, and all of a sudden we are all transported a dive in the middle of nowhere and we never want to leave." [11/13/17]

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—Kerriann Curtis, Wordkrapht

"'High Time' is a basic outlaw-country tune, something you’d hear in a dusty old bar in the middle of nowhere—but everyone in the room is tapping their foot." [9/26/2017]

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—Magnet Magazine

"It’s rare to find an artist that can write music in the vein of George Jones. But Wes Youssi has written that caliber of song, ready to get people out on the dancefloor with that perfect mix of pep and sincerity." [9/29/2017]

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—Ear to the Ground

"Down Low is a freight train speeding past an iconic stretch of Americana coastline." [9/5/2017] 

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—Mad Mackerel

“Writing in real time... Aw, HELL YEAH. Good ol' Texas Country Swing. Except according to the album art, it's from Portland, OR. Close enough. Love the dark, lyrical twist. Tight arrangement, great lead vocal, compelling lyrics. I'm a fan. Reminds me a lot of a cross between Dale Watson or The Derailers with a tinge of The Beaumonts to make everyone nervous.”

—Wiley Koepp, Coyote Music

“Great honky tonk track that immediately brings to mind Asleep At The Wheel”

—Andrea Young, Aspen Public Radio

“Really good traditional country song with tasteful, strong and clear background music arrangement. Lyrics are also drawing on the tradition very well. The lead vocal sound/tone/character is often an issue for me when I review, but not this time, the lead vocal has a clear and naturally appealing sound.”

—Rocky Mountain Radio

“Classic country in all the right ways.” 

—Christopher Moon, NoiseTrade

"Classic! True to the rockabilly tradition. If this label puts out records that all sound like this I would love to know more."

—Eric McLellan, A&R Sire Records

“On Wes Youssi's "The Darkside," classic country sounds are corralled from the past like classic books being taken off a dusty bookshelf. This is an example of a time-tested, timeless song, the success of which can largely be attributed to the fact that it adheres so closely to the well-established county genre conventions. Wes sounds like he could be a living relative of Hank Williams, which is a compliment of the highest order to be sure. If classic county is your bag, be sure to take a trip to "The Darkside"!

—Leks Maltby, Aside/Beside

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