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"The band creates an unique fused sound of folk, indie rock, jazz & boot stomping Americana." [5/5/2017]

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"Treehouse Sanctum sounds like an Americana orchestra." [5/4/2017]

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—Josh Johnson, The Denver Post

"'Chacala' is somehow both vibrant and wounded, waltz-y horns opening up this impassioned, sad piece of Americana storytelling." [3/22/2017]

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—Magnet Magazine

"...this idea of discovery within the familiar is what drives them to examine the smallest details of their own folk imagination." [3/3/2017]

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—Joshua Pickard, Nooga

“If you are looking for the classic American anthem for your summer, here it is folks. “Freedom” is a track you throw on the radio and seat dance with all those strangers at that red light. Treehouse Sanctum is a new Denver based band whose sound is reminiscent of The Civil Wars, and The Lumineers.”

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—Jennifer Kerber, Mile Hi Music

Shake the Shadow is Colorado proud . . . Steady guitar work and soulful lyrics dominate the music and leave a pleasant taste in the ear of the listener.”

—Tim Wenger, Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

“You can listen to it on repeat for about 3 days before you even think of changing the record.”

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—Baylen Leonard, The Front Porch (Amazing Radio London)

“They’ve found that sweet spot between soft melodies and complicated, layered instrumental textures.”

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—Stephanie March, Denver Post

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