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"A creative and enthusiastically experimental album that comforts as much as it confronts: highly recommended." [10/10/2017]

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—Phil Grant - Americana UK

"'The Way We Burn' is a phenomenal piece of orchestration all around." [9/14/2017]

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—Sean Gonzalez- New Noise Magazine

"The bass seems to become an extension of his voice, taking on new musical intonations that go far beyond any traditional basswork." [9/17/2017]

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—Raul Amador - Bass Musician Magazine

"It [The Way We Burn] feels like a remnant of a tragic whole, and it’s enticing for that very reason." [8/30/17]

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—Magnet Magazine

"Newest effort The Way We Burn is a zealous concoction of old time-y folk, brooding pop and misty chamber arrangements... Post-apocalyptic sounds may be en vogue right now, but Three For Silver seems deliberately stationed under their own rock, far away from any trends, and on The Way We Burn, that's all for the better." [9/6/17]

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—Mark Stock - Willamette Week

"“The Way We Burn” is an orchestral beckoning and reckoning where honeyed velvet vocals soar in a divine dance of intoxicating melody." [8/8/17]

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—No Depression

"The Folk music of Three for Silver adds orchestral and cabaret touches to their sound for “The Way We Burn”. Lush strings and an ever-presented heartbeat percussion move across the track as ethereal vocals guide the story on the title track from the upcoming (September 1, 2017) release." [8/5/2017]

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—The Alternate Root

"Super tasty swamp rock gumbo served up thick and brooding with a side order of strange and a heavy seasoning of twangy harmony."[7/11/17]

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—Joe Wawrzyniak, Jersey Beat

"["Down In The Cut"] mixes metal-tough vocals with a late-night folk musical backbone to create something theatrical and certainly original." [6/28/17]

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"...the wonderful ability to transport you through time and space to the beautiful warm simplicity of a bygone era, but once you're there the simplicity stops and the enticing melodies and vocals begin...a hypnotic adventure of rustic storytelling told by a sultry, mysterious voice that quite frankly will leave you wanting, nay needing more."

—The Deli Magazine

"Combine gritty love of world folk traditions with a modern songwriting sense and you have Three For Silver..."

—Statesman Journal

"Progressive folk band Three For Silver transforms a traditional music style with not-quite traditional means."

—Medford Mail Tribune

"They produce a sound that is both a rousing rhythmic aphrodisiac and a mind-slipping sedative. In essence, a prescription for a great live show."

—PDX Magazine

"This intriguing trio has honed their strange, compelling folk music by playing both on the street and at various venues. They sound like something you can't quite put your finger on, as if the ghosts of a group of late 19th century troubadours keep haunting the place they last played because they never got to do an encore."

—Portland Tribune

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