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"The debut self-titled EP from the Yorks is a sweeping mixture of indie rock beats and acid-induced grooves wrapped together with a charming psychedelic bow." [8/8/17]

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—The Mad Mackerel

"Reminiscent of ’60s surf tracks but holding the same nostalgic presence Beach Fossils and Real Estate reside over, the track ("Parking Lots") is just a preview of the joy in The Yorks’ soon-to-be-released self-titled debut." [7/31/17]

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—Virginia Croft,

"The fuzzy, hazy quality in the music reflects the uncertainty being expressed lyrically, and we invite you to listen and enjoy." [6/21/2017]

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—Kerriann Curtis, The Daily Krapht

""Liaison" is a real orchestral slice of heart and soul." [6/10/17]

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—Diamond Deposits

"The band comes out of the gate with the dreamy rock of “Liason,” a twisting piece of psychedelic pop perfect for pool parties in the summer sun." [6/8/17]

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—Magnet Magazine

"[The Yorks] found a way to harness the familiarity of their indie rock reverberations while creating a drastic individuality that shakes the genre to its foundation." [5/26/2017]

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—Joshua Pickard, Nooga

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