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"Smart pop rock that brings in Americana influence and theatrical tendencies to make a curiously cordial sound." [11/12/18]

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—Doug Nunnally, The Auricular

"The new song from The J.O.B. shines a spotlight on the post-war plight of over 37,878 veterans sleeping on the sidewalks of America every night." [10/2/18]

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—Elicit Magazine

"True to their self-described alt-rock with a blues soul and Americana roots, the band stirs these genres into one potent and tuneful brew."

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—The Big Takeover

"[The J.O.B.] has become a powerhouse in the Richmond region and beyond." [10/27/18]

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—Caurie Putnam, Valor Magazine

"Dazzlingly layered and dripping with infectious chord progressions, “Lisa’s Song” dives into a heartfelt longing that lingers through the night, long past the final hours of twilight. " [10/1/18]

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—Andy Thorley, Maximum Volume

"a luxurious and gentle ballad." [9/14/18]

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—Emerging Indie Bands

“…giving guitar lessons to fellow soldiers, writing music, playing talent shows in his camp isn’t how every soldier spends their recess, but then again, every soldier doesn’t return from deployment to lead a Top 40 nationally charting band."

—Jared Allen, Volume Magazine

"...superbly written compositions within the wall of sound..." 

—Tim Whale, Indie Bands Blog

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