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"...jangly Anglo-Indy-Pop." [1/8/2018]

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—Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

"Filled with infectious guitar melodies and head-nodding rhythms, 'Mirrors' is a must listen for you." [12/12/2017]

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—Magnet Magazine

"On 'Mirrors', Vickers embraces his inner Nick Lowe and crafts a meticulous power pop atmosphere." [12/8/2017]

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—Joshua Pickard - Nooga

"Vickers takes a circus ringleader’s approach to bringing together Beatles-esque melodies, jangly power pop, surf rock, bluegrass, and general Americana twang, all laced to each other with a Vaudevillian show-biz goofiness and linguistic and musical wit."

—Maura Walz- PopMatters

Vickers even exhibits a similar sense of sunshine pop winsomeness on frustrated love songs

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—Stewart Mason- All Music

"The melange of melodies are performed and engineered to perfection."


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