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"There are hints of Robin Pecknold in Jeffrey Albert’s vocal delivery, whereas the music is a veiled and ethereal reflection of the Fleet Foxes’ pastoral folk." [2/19/19]

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—Songwriting Magazine

"'Waves' is an ethereal waltz through the minds of two lovers. The song moves like flowing water with deep swells, minimalist percussion and smooth, charming vocals." [2/7/19]

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—Cara Wegener, ALIVE Magazine

"Megan Rooney and Jeffrey Albert project their emotionally vibrant lyricism into the ether with the latest single, 'Waves'." [2/7/19]

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—Meredith Schneider, Imperfect Fifth

"Comfortable darkness is a worthy backdrop for Spectator… St.Louis’s dream-pop act is a midnight kiss on record, and anointed with a country balm live."

—Blair Stiles, Eleven Magazine

"Dreampop bands rarely get both sides of the hyphen right… it's a comfort that Spectator makes its recording debut with such a rich, elegantly produced piece of mood music."

—Christian Schaeffer, Riverfront Times

"Spectator's Music is as beautiful and enigmatic as rock gets."

—Roy Kasten, RFT

"Combining flute‐like keyboards, guitar and even electronic autoharp, the band has developed a sound that's both lonesome and comforting, and should appeal to fans of the eerie jazzy style of Mazzy Star and Cotton Jones."

—Roy Kasten, KDHX

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