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"Solid songwriting is the core of Ragged Heart and is buttressed by appealing restraint—in making the right choices in arrangements and in the artists’ wisdom to tell stories in an unvarnished, emotionally honest way." [4/9/19]

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—Joseph McSpadded, Deep Roots Magazine

"Silver Lake 66 transports a dignified sound that evokes the gratifying sounds of Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris, with a sly inkling for today’s roots music ears." [4/1/19]

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—Glide Magazine

"Silver Lake 66 is hands down my favorite country/Americana duo because of their marvelous melodies and delicious vocals, ranging from potent tones full of galvanizing, infectious ebullience to tender, elegant timbres rife with tantalizing wisps of recollection, love, and home." [3/24/19]

—Randy Radic, RAWCKUS Magazine

"Silver Lake 66 bring together authentic, heartstring-tugging songwriting, soaring harmonies and ardent guitar-playing." [2/25/19]

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—Laura Klonowski, CelebMix

"Melancholic yet hopeful, this country album (featuring significant hints of blues) makes for a realistically inspirational listen...” 

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—RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine

"The whole album is very soul touching thanks to the sound being so clear and in a sense mournful."

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—Kristen Calderoni, Audible Addixion

"The overall style of their songwriting definitely alludes to traditional country and Americana standards, but with a soulful and modern twist in the present."

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—The Music Court

“The Portland-by-way-of-Minneapolis-via-Los Angeles group has taken the long road, overcoming the real-life obstacles of age and illness and emerging with one of this year’s finest albums..."

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—That Much Further West Podcast

"It’s just pure music from the heart."

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—Melanie Gomez,

"Soulful and twang-filled, Silver Lake 66 offer a rollicking, satisfying version of Americana on Let Go Or Be Dragged, their debut release. It's just the latest point in a long and rejuvenated career.” 

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—Art & Culture Maven

"The heart and soul infused into each track will grab you and leave you listening to the end.”

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—Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman, Mid Tennessee Music,

"The song “Devil’s Looking For Me” and the album that it comes from, the aptly named Let Go or Be Dragged, feel like the perfect creative culmination of their life experiences."

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—Kelsey Greco, Vortex Magazine

"They  follow a vocally-driven roots rock sound evocative of many other popular groups of the modern folk era, from Shovels & Rope to Shakey Graves & Esme Patterson, and do so with a vested pride that elevates them to very nearly the level of those aforementioned megatons straight out of the gate." 

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—Jonathan Frahm, For Folk’s Sake

" This is music for cold nights and warm whiskey. In the wee hours this album will ask you to question the price you have paid for your journey. Silver Lake 66 would tell you it was worth the cost; the Devil be damned.”

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—Joe McSpadden, No Depression

“Simply put, Let Go Or Be Dragged is one of the better albums I have had the opportunity to review. If you enjoy pure country music, the kind Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings used to produce, you’ll find Silver Lake 66 particularly comely.”

—Randy Radic, Huffington Post

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