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"With light acoustic guitar and a voice very much like many of the early-seventies singers, he takes me back while carrying me forward." [5/19/17]

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— Frank Gutch, Jr., No Depression

Artist Spotlight - "mellow, thoughtful, acoustic guitar music" [4/19/17]

—Melody Baetens, Detroit News

"Leave My Friends is a fantastic work of storytelling that can hold its own next to the work of Ray Lamontagne" [4/18/17]

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—Metro Times

"Scott Fab writes soul-baring alt-country music, heavy-hearted tunes that hit like Noah Gundersen or Ryan Adams." [2/27/2017]

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—Magnet Magazine

"With his acoustic guitar and soothing, emotional vocals, Fab brings a sense of beauty to a horrible story by speaking of the importance of friendship and being thankful for what you do have in life when you feel everything has been taken from you." [2/21/2017]

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—Melissa Landrin, WordKrapht

"Combining a bucolic heartache with a collection of subdued melodies, he forms a bridge to his past and the moments that hold special significance to him." [1/27/17]

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—Joshua Pickard, Nooga

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