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"Dark and heavy, pulsing and provocative, Rotoscope’s 'Clean Lines' EP is a dynamic exploration of contrasts." [10/27/2017]

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—Mitch Mosk - Atwood Magazine

"[Clean Lines] feels both futuristic in instrumental composition and simultaneously inspired by the old, as vocals come more reminiscent of the raspy darkness of Johnny Cash." [10/4/2017]

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—Meredith Schneider - Imperfect Fifth

"A pulsing pop song that transitions from underwater electronic verses to a bright hook with surprising ease." [9/21/17]

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—Magnet Magazine

"There are some clear influences here and plenty of emotion that is enough to dig deep into the heart strings." [9/15/2017] 

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—The Wandering Lamb

"The sort of vaguely dancy, emotionally-infused indie rock that sails on a huge, memorable chorus." [9/2/2017]

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—Stephen Carradini - Independent Clauses

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