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"'Dark Stars' is filled with vivid story-telling and dreamy indie folk melodies sure to enchant." [11/6/2017]

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—Kerriann Curtis - Word Krapht

"Jackson’s brand of singer/songwriter pop feels honest and direct, leaving personable tracks coming from relatable intentions." [11/1/2017]

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—Virginia Croft - Treble Zine

"Intimate songwriting." [10/20/2017]

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—David Christensen, OPB Music

"The melody floats through a melancholy thought-cloud of aching strings and wandering piano lines, with a well-placed harmony as garnish." [9/15/17]

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—No Depression

"'Dark Stars' combines lyrical clarity and architecture of melody in a way that feels like a rainy afternoon in Portland." [9/26/17]

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—The Big Takeover

"Reminiscent of a rainy day where the sun might occasionally crack through the clouds, the song seems to hang in midair, just waiting for someone to come by and lavish attention on its woven melodies and captivating narrative." [9/8/2017]

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—Joshua Pickard - Nooga

"Drifting At Sea glides along leisurely as Jackson’s vocals reach gorgeous heights atop a slowly churning beat." [9/15/2017]

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—Magnet Magazine

"Dust Diaries is a lovely piece of work, graced with Jackson’s characteristic lyric clarity and architecture of melody. Shifted to the background are the extravagant klezmer and music hall tropes familiar to fans of his Vagabond Opera songs, leaving space for the listener beside spare and sad arrangements produced in collaboration with Chet Lyster of EELS....A renowned creator with a highly distinctive and involved mode of expression lays down his masks and shares with his fans a genuine sigh of release."

—Noah Mickens, OMN

"The term singer-songwriter is rather simplistic when the artist at hand has mastered six instruments and can play many others. But that is the best way to describe Robin Jackson’s work on his first solo album, even if iTunes calls it “pop.”

— Serena Markstrom, Register Guard

"A panty-dropper par excellence."

—Kit Mauldin, Portland Monthly

"Fans of Robin Jackson’s flashy bands Vagabond Opera and March Fourth Marching Band might be surprised at the straightforward intimacy of his folky debut solo album, Dust Diaries—but it’s definitely a pleasant surprise. His distinctive vocal style, somewhere between Phil Ochs and Rufus Wainwright, manages to be both warm and breezy. Hooky, evocative tracks like “Paper Bird” and “October Rain” reveal a solid singer songwriter with broad appeal."

—Brett Campbell, WWeek

[Translated] “A multi-instrumentalist behind several collaborations (from Gogol Bordello to the Decemberists), Robin Jackson is one of the hidden gems of the inexhaustible mine of Portland indie-folk." 

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—Raffaello Russo, Rockerilla

"A catchy and captivating song-crafter, a true storyteller.”

—WBEZ, Chicago

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