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"McLeod’s skills on the steelpan (Trinidad’s national instrument) come through in this emotional piece." [5/29/2018]

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—Magnet Magazine

"("Deep Cry" is a) powerful and vibrant single." [5/17/18]

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—Week In Pop

"'Deep Cry' soulfully embraces a film-like reel of memories in each individual note." [5/9/2018]

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—Skope Magazine

"Melancholic poetry with a future forward flair." [5/12/2018]

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—Diamond Deposits

"Psychedelic and adventuresome, it leaps across genres and eras with a willing, thumping, hopeful heart." [5/10/18]

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—The Autumn Roses

"It's a beautiful song about an intensely personal and difficult time in McLeod's life. It's a song we all need to truly listen to." [5/9/2018]

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—If It's Too Loud...

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