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"They are talented lyricists, and the title track, with its observational take on the Americana musical hierarchy, is easily one of the best tracks you will hear all year." [8/29/18]

—Graham McCusker, Americana UK

"'Americana' reminds me of the true power of songs: while I could write pages and pages about the issues this song raises, Nichols and Rose distill the story to such a fine point that it truly takes my breath away and makes the hairs on my arms rise whenever I listen to it." [8/16/18]

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—Rachel Cholst, Wide Open Country

"It’s one of the best damn folk songs I’ve heard all year." [8/15/18]

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—Nathan Leigh, AfroPunk

"During a time when equality on the airwaves has become such a widespread conversation, “Americana” serves as a needed reminder that the genre’s roots did not grow from a white man’s soil." [7/25/18]

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—Wide Open Country

"The most perfect Americana track you’ll hear all month..."

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—Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

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