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"Her music is pleasing to the ears—staying with you long after a song is over. It’s music that counteracts the tumult of our times, reminding us that this chaos, too, will pass." [8/29/2017]

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—Evette Dionne, Bitch Magazine

"Naomi's sweet voice allows you to feel relaxed but this does not take away from the seriousness of the subject matter in her songs." [6/18/17]

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—Abena Adu, Without Further Adu

 “Beautifully Human,” a stripped-back song that gives the spotlight to Wachira’s wonderful vocals and her simple, essential message: “We are human.” [6/15/17]

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—Magnet Magazine

"[Her] ardent faith in humanity features prominently on her new album." [6/5/2017]

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—Jacob Uitti, Seattle Weekly

"Wachira has this way of presenting reality and truth in such an honest way but doesn’t knock you down."[5/29/2017]

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—Kerriann Curtis, Wordkrapht

"Song of Lament is an album influenced by world tragedies and personal struggles, brought to life by Wachira’s formidable ability to mine the darkest human experiences and return with lyrical jewels." [5/4/2017]

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—Chaka V. Grier, Bandcamp Daily

"A solo acoustic set is always great for some introspective soul searching, but Wachira’s excels by opening up the musical conversation to talk about ideas larger than herself." [4/20/2017]

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—Dusty Henry, KEXP

"While boasting such an international sound and message she should also have no problem becoming an artist recognized around the world." [5/17/17]

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—Steve Matteo, Scenes Media

"She's musically gifted. She's magically talened. She's beautifully Human." [4/27/2017]

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"The album’s first single, 'Beautifully Human' is quite possibly the most beautiful song about human equality you will hear this year." [4/17/2017]


"Wachira poignantly articulates the pain and chaos of modern times, while also lifting up her enduring and hopeful belief in the fundamental goodness of humanity." [3/27/2017]

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—NorthWest Music Scene

"Wachira's velvety alto and unpredictable vocal lines over her folky wholesome guitar strumming reflect musical upbringing and African homeland."

—The Source Weekly, OR

"Naomi's music carries grace, authenticity, positivity and acoustic rhythms that blend Western and African melodies that is sure to touch your soul."

—Living Ma'at Magazine

"Naomi has the unique vocal ability to assert both power and sensitivity in her melodies, to hold a room breathless each time she opens her mouth to sing."

—Project Girl Crush

“Naomi Wachira [is] an incandescent talent whose songs speak of her determination to be 'an African girl,' even as she spreads a message of hope on far-flung shores.”

—Scenes Media

“Naomi Wachira is an artist of formidable talent and heart. Her music & songwriting brings together harmonies that speak across continents and cultures.”

—Northwest Music Scene

“...this Kenyan-born, Seattle-based singer/songwriter grounds her optimism in a sense of struggle and defiance that gives a sense of the distance she’s come in life.”


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