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"Equal parts expressive guitar technique and mesmeric pop distillation, the band runs through these sounds with a carefree attitude, borrowing and rearranging bits of noise and tonality as they see fit." [7/21/2017]

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—Joshua Pickard, Nooga

"Those whose tastes lean toward smooth female vocal harmony (in a rock idiom) will dig the songs, and anyone who requires some tasty lead guitar work will find it – judiciously applied, employing a quality-over-quantity approach – on nearly every song." (The Hollyhocks) [5/14/12]

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—Bill Kopp, Musoscribe

"Maintaining soft-spoken vocals and a slow, steady pace throughout its length, Understories creates just enough of that coffee shop vibe without becoming annoying." (The Hollyhocks) [5/14/12]

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—Alessandra Donnelly, The Aquarian Weekly

"The results are obvious as the songs range in texture and intensity, but always capture that unique hint of Oakland flavor with a pinch of optimism and a dash of darkness." (The Hollyhocks) [4/19/12]

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—Radio Valencia

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