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"Somehow Steven Diaz takes something could could be ordinary and mundane and instead crafts a song that stops just shy of that. " [6/20/18]

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—If It's Too Loud...

"These rich harmonies are one of the reasons why we even became bloggers. The style reminds me a bit of a personal favorite, Good Old War." [6/19/18]

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—Ear to the Ground

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—Rj Frometa, Vents Magazine

"It’s the kind of track you might imagine someone who works in the Tech Industry by day, whilst living on a homestead with a flock of free range chickens, would make – precise and loose." [6/14/2018] 

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—Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

"Mountain Lions delivers heartwarming folk-rock with depth and sincerity." [6/11/18]

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—Atwood Magazine

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