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"There isn’t one thing I’d change about Model Citizen’s provocative pop.." [5/10/19]

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"...a massive, organic sound with an element of delightful chaos." [4/25/19]

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—Oliver Bouchard, Glamglare

"(Model Citizen) fuse together pop, rock, soul, funk, hard rock, R&B, blues and jazz through progressive filters. All the while keeping a heavy hooked pop rock motif in place." [4/26/19]

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—American Pancake

"Centered around a soulful horn arrangement, enormous power chords, a propulsive rhythm section, a rousingly anthemic hook and some soulful crooning, the single ("Magic Trick") reveals a deliberate attention to old school craft while being a politically charged song." [3/27/19]

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—William Ruben Helms, The Joy of Violent Movement

"We’re particularly fond of this track ("Magic Trick") for its horn section, though the intricate layers of instrumentals are absolutely mesmerizing, as it seems to be for most of their incredible music." [3/26/19] 

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—Meredith Schneider, Imperfect Fifth

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