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"All this life experience and technical prowess provided Mickelson with the tools he needed to beat the sophomore solo slump." [5/28/18]

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—Magnet Magazine

"The experiences Mickelson has accumulated over his life’s journey have developed him as a person. That soul finds its center in each song." [5/4/2018]

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—No Depression

"There’s a slight twang to the tracks, giving them a southern tinged drip from the norm." [5/3/2018]

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—New Noise

"Unlike some of the one-hot-wonders of the 00’s, Scott Mickelson has the staying power to be known throughout the ages." [5/3/18]

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—Madison Blom- Imperfect Fifth

"There’s just a touch of Future Islands in the rocking singer-songwriter mix." [4/5/18]

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—Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

"He operates from within the traditional landscapes of the singer-songwriter aesthetic but manages to find new ways to inject a refreshing vitality and electrifying energy into its familiar movements." [3/26/18]

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—Joshua Pickard, The Southern Sounding

"I call it anthemic when a band or chorus hits all the notes just right and the sound becomes bigger than it should be and Mickelson hits it often enough on this album to make it worthy of the highest of recommendations." [3/24/18]

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—Frank Gutch Jr.,No Depression

"Fans of Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson will want to check him out." [3/23/18]

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—Tiffany Lew, The Bay Bridged

"Scott Mickelson’s baritone voice will certainly please any fan of twangy rock, but his attention to compositional detail is what separates this song from countless others trying to stand out." [2/13/18]

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—Max Heilman, RIFF Magazine

"Now that is a voice that has gone through a couple of scrapes in its time, come out all the wiser and confident as a result. That gravitas makes this tune all the more listenable. Flickers of Bruce Hornsby on occasion but that may have been down to the fine arrangements. You can feel the heart pounding reach a crescendo as it progresses and in the process we reciprocated with a handshake and a thank you for the craft displayed here. " [2/10/2018]


"Strong influences of Gregg Allman, Sturgill Simpson and Nathaniel Rateliff can be heard throughout the track, powerfully blending Mickelson’s vocals with his rough, hard rock instrumentals." 

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—Virginia Croft, Treble

"Musician and producer takes the rustic nostalgia of Americana and combines it with elaborate full-band arrangements. Mixed with his narrative lyricism, Mickelson paints melodic visuals that feel like they’re in full technicolor."

—RIFF Magazine

"With a howling voice that echoes heartland heroes like Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp, Mickelson keeps it exciting on his latest “Hail Marys,” showing off power pop tendencies similar to Big Star while staying true to folk music spirit."

—SF Weekly

“It’s American folk-Rock with a post punk edge, rustic but scarred.” 

—Alternative Press Magazine

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