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"While Hectorne makes no attempt to bend the boundaries as far as a patented Americana sound is concerned, the success he achieves here is the result of him doing quite the opposite, that is, sounding like a revered veteran who mastered the form quite quickly in his career."

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—Lee Zimmerman- Country Standard Time

"What do you sound like like if you’re inspired by such artists as Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, and Bob Seger and were doused in gospel and country as you grew up?  And if you just happen to be Memphis-born and Mississippi-bred?  You sound like Matt Hectorne." [1/9/2018]

—Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

"That mix of blues, country, folk, rock and indie is a pretty good Twangville resume." [1/10/18]

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—Shawn Underwood, Twangville

"An impressive album from beginning to end, this “Work” is so good it ought to reap him due rewards."

—Lee Zimmerman, Country Standard Time

"Hectorne has a Rich McCulley/Todd Herfindal sense of melody, a Jackson Browne/Pure Prairie League kind of delivery, and an excellent selection of songs similar-but-not." [12/1/2017]

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—Frank Gutch Jr. - No Depression

"'Only Way Into Your Heart' is a heart-felt ballad with beautiful guitars and confident vocals." [11/27/2017]

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—Diamond Deposits

“Matt Hectorne soaked up all the black-dirt and green-leaf credibility he’d need to spin his own indie-rock catalog of here’s-what-I-know-by-now ballads— sneaky little stingers that start out with a story, and more often than not leave behind a languid lesson.” 

—Keith Harrelson, Moonlight on the Mountain Birmingham, AL

"Hectorne sings of whiskey and church altars in mellow tones, backed by a solid wall of guitars and drums. The formula is simple, as it should be, but also highly inviting."

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—The Wild Honeypie

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