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"The first taste is Trust The Teahouse, which emerges as something of a cross between the laid back US alt-sound of bands like Nada Surf with something a little more Brit-pop. And while it starts off in quite eccentric fashion, it quickly finds its groove and boasts a laidback sound that’s great for kicking back to and listening to on a warm day (possibly at the beach)." [8/5/2016]

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"But the best track [on Fighting Season] is 'A Lot Becomes A Little' with its catchy call-and-response chorus." [8/8/2016]

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"[Fighting Season] is chock full of memorable songs whose subject matter may very well haunt you long after the music fades away." [7/31/2016]

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—Elizabeth Klisiewicz - The Big Takeover

"'Walk With Me Madeline,' played out with lovely pedal steel, sounds like a song that would be sung around a campfire as emotions felt are recounted, and 'Rocket Sled' is a pop song with a catchy chorus and just as much feeling." [7/14/2016]

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—Alan Haber - Pure Pop Radio

"'Trust The Teahouse' is a must listen for fans of a Dear Catastrophe Waitress-era Belle & Sebastian." [6/7/2016]

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"'Trust The Teahouse'- a rich and melodic pop composition with confident vocals and lush score." [5/15/2016]

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—Diamond Deposits

"One to watch" [5/13/2016]

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—Paul Lester - The Guardian

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