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"Stand out song: “Tears To Keep Me Warm” with its urgent, staccato piano chords." [2/25/19]

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—Oliver Bouchard, Glamglare

" Hope and understanding is poignantly heard in the melodies and the poignant vocals." [2/17/19]

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—Diamond Deposits

"Armed with a crystal-clear voice and piercing piano notes, The Unkindness is at times uplifting, tragic, redemptive and rousing." [2/8/2019]

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—Mandy Southgate, Addicted to Media

"Wide angled and humane, “The Unkindness” is the panoramic new single from New York’s Mackenzie Shivers."

—The Autumn Roses

"'Tears To Keep Me Warm' is a wonderfully slow-building and shape-shifting song." [11/29/2018]

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"[Believe" is] one of those tracks which, once heard, you can’t believe hasn’t existed for years – perhaps the ultimate compliment." [11/5/18]

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—Songwriting Magazine

"Listening to “Believe” makes me think of hope and redemption but it also warns of what is important to us in the dark times the world is going through at the moment." [10/29/18]

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—Addicted to Media

"Her voice, a lilting and significant power, conveys personal insight into the fanciful things that she refuses to allow to cloud her judgment..." [10/25/18]

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—Joshua Pickard, The Southern Sounding

"Believe' is a stark and yet ultimately hopeful song as Mackenzie Shivers unravels a skein of disbelief in magical agencies and world bestriding heroes who will come and solve all our problems." [10/24/18]

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—Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

"["Believe"] is an anthem of catharsis that says no matter what happens, we will not be broken." [10/18/18]

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—Skope Magazine

Featured on a playlist with artists including Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Maroon 5.

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—Blop Spotify Playlist

"Citing her influences as, amongst others, The Chieftains, Elton John and Joni Mitchell, the songs on the EP have a richness and maturity to them." [9/19/2016]

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—Andrew Higgins , Americana UK

"In a word, Mackenzie writes epic music, and it is easy to see why comparisons are being drawn to Joni Mitchell and Florence and the Machine. I’d even add influences of Bat for Lashes and PJ Harvey." [9/16/2016]

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—Mandy Southgate , Addicted to Media

"Sultry voiced, sonically powerful and interesting with its wide spectrum, this isn’t some quickly thrown together release as a tide over – this effort took thought and planning to execute." [9/14/2016]

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—Rob Ross , PopDose

"The exceptional elegance of her voice mixed with the emotional ambience established by the instrumentation makes for an exquisite listen." [9/9/2016]

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—Pure M Zine , Dave Simpson

"['Tell Me to Run'] is unexpectedly large—layers of shining instrumentation are piled atop each other; a cinematic quality comes forth with an added string section." [8/29/2016]

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—Magnet Magazine

"Her follow-up release Living in My Head is powerful, showcasing her Celtic-inspired piano-driven folk." [7/21/2016]

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—Rob Dickens, No Depression

"I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear this track on the next thriller movie soundtrack." [7/20/2016

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—Elmore Magazine

"'Lily-Rose' feels like a traditional folk song, with a contemporary love story that in itself can be considered timeless." [6/20/2016]

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—Stuart Morrison - Insomnia Radio

"'Lily-Rose' jams out in a pensive way, some thoughtful piano strokes adorning Shivers’ strong, silky vocals." [6/9/2016]

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—Magnet Magazine

"Gorgeous and spilling over with intricate details." [6/10/2016]

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—Joshua Pickard, Nooga

"The rolling drums drive the Gaelic rhythm of the the song, as an earthy acoustic guitar meets a dancing staccato piano piece." [6/7/2016]

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—Paste Magazine

“Mackenzie Shivers lives up to her last name as she engenders that feeling whenever listening to her music.” 

—Nate Voss - Speak Into My Good Eye

“Open your ears and you’ll be welcomed in Neverland - a warm, comfortable, and precious place for any heart, lonely or wounded, to cure." 

—Jay - American Music Route

“Mackenzie’s voice can soar above the music or fit in as part of an ensemble sound, expressing a variety of emotions and feelings as she varies her voice’s tone and volume. [...] The piano work was some of the best I’ve heard in pop or alternative music in a long time.” 

—Richard Gordon - WVUD

“She's often compared to Joni Mitchell and '90s-era Jewel, but her piano-driven songs are very much her own style.” 

—Caitlin Carter - Music Times

“Shivers' voice, harmonizing with another singer, swamped the venue in a sound that was emotional and authentically beautiful."

—Isabel Rolston - The Deli Magazine

“The piano is nostalgic, Shivers’ voice is timeless. It soars like a bird and hums like a dragonfly. Sometimes it sounds like strings and sometimes like woodwind.”

—Katie Bee - Ear to the Ground Music

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