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"Her new single, Buzzard’s Bluff opens with a haunting chill that quickly becomes an anthemic march." [1/11/2018]

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—Mad Mackerel

"Her latest single, "Buzzard's Bluff," has the feel of old school country in the vein of Merle Hagard and Dolly Parton." [1/5/2018]

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—If It's Too Loud...

"Quite an entrance, like the Velvet Underground, which is all the more surprising when you hear what follows." [1/11/2018]


"'Buzzard’s Bluff'" is a cathartic release from deep within the Missouri Ozarks. The natural lush landscapes are home to beautiful views, but just like the numerous birds of prey, a dark secret is always circling." [1/10/18]

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—Paste Magazine

"With a raw and honest cadence, Jodee Lewis sings with a spine tingling melody that commands attention."

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—No Depression

"If you actually like country, then it’s a must. If not, this one’s worth a shot." [4/13/2015]

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—Lovesound Magazine

 "It's always refreshing to come across an artist whose music doesn't fall prey to the makings of that big money machine in the sky."

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"She populates her songs with characters that duck responsibility, drink too much, and are nearly always left high and dry. But they have a rueful humor as well." [3/6/15]

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—WORLD Magazine Online

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