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"A glowing ray of warm light shining through the darkness, Jess Clinton’s “Make It” breathes tender hope with breathtaking fragility and grace." [7/9/19]


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—Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine

"Clinton’s voice feels like a comforting companion. Hopeful and empathetic. Capture the beauteous mood right here…" [7/11/19]

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—Turn Up The Volume

"Clinton is interested in making music that relates to human emotions, and she wants to dig deeper into the psyche." [6/27/19]

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—Magnet Magazine

'Sleeping Woman' is this mellow, but quietly intense song. It has a powerful blues meets trip hop feel, almost like an Americana version of Portishead." [6/18/19]

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—If It's Too Loud

"Jess has and always will be seeking that ‘truth’ that makes her footprint, the way she deems healthy, profound, and progressive." [5/27/19]

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—Come Here Floyd

“'The Runaway' is a gritty rock song about the impulse to leave everything behind and run." [6/2/19]

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—Oliver Bouchard, Glamglare

"'The Runaway', shows the kind of rich, soulful sound that Clinton crafts for her songs; the dark tones from her high and light voice -- which can shift between alto and soprano on a dime." [5/30/2019]

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—The Deli Magazine New York

"Her wanderlust is certainly catching; we had our bag packs ready to join her after just one listen." [5/21/19]

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—Duncan Haskell, Songwriting Magazine

"Protean and powerful, soft as it sizzles, “The Runaway” is the lean, lustrous and brand-new single from Brooklyn’s Jess Clinton." [5/14/19]

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—The Autumn Roses

"This immensely intimate record gives off vibes similar to Lucius or PJ Harvey and while Real Glass Heart isn’t out until July, you can get a clear view of the Brooklyn songwriter’s energy with the LP’s penultimate track, “The Runaway“!" [5/20/19]

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—Jack Anderson, KUTX

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