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“there’s no question listening to these songs that Silverman is a formidable talent destined to deepen and transform the scene. Her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ is far from a throwaway stab at mainstream attention”

—Bradley Johnson, Indie Artists Alliance

“She’s a technically gifted singer with the rare ability to utilize technique in a way that enhances emotiveness”

—Gilbert Mullis, Gashouse Radio

“a unique voice rising out of the indie scene”

—William Elgin, Indiemunity

“This is a performer with songs that won’t waste your time. The talent here burns so bright that missing it would be a shame”

— Joshua Stryde, Music Existence

“Few releases in the singer/songwriter genre will capture people’s attention like this EP from South African born Jeri Silverman”

—Cyrus Rhodes, No Depression

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