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Live Show Review. [11/5/2017]

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—Nitya Gupta - The Michigan Daily

"'Wayward Queen' is a powerfully written ballad, with vivid imagery of a goddess of sorts." [11/1/2017] 

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—Virginia Croft - Alt Citizen

"The track seems to bleed a cavernous emotionality, the kind of tidal absolution that doggedly clings to the inside of your heart." [10/27/2017]

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—Joshua Pickard - Nooga

"With 'Wayward Queen' Jared offers us both rich textured melodies and emotional vocal intensity." [10/21/2017]

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—Diamond Deposits

"Jared Saltiel has the ability to create worlds the listener will never want to leave." [10/23/2017]

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—Kerriann Curtis - Word Krapht

"Jared Saltiel may not have set out to heal the world, but his latest song just might move a few souls." [10/17/2017]

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—Mitch Mosk - Atwood Magazine

"A moody, driving slice of orchestral indie folk featuring a gorgeous string arrangement." [11/24/2011]

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—The Owl Mag

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