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"Their latest album, in fact, is one of this year’s dark horses, laying out smooth melodic tunes with understated vocal harmonies and topnotch instrumental acumen." [2/06/18]

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—Frank Gutch Jr, Segarini

"They hit the peak of psych for me, reminding me of Winterpills, Oasis and Norrish Reaction all rolled into one." [2/02/18]

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—Frank Gutch Jr., No Depression

"Floating, softly rhythmic, melodic, soaring with a little crunch thrown in at just the right moments." [2/2/18]

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—Frank Gutch Jr., No Depression

"Synthesizing the hopeful hippie-anthems of the British titans Pink Floyd or The Beatles with more recent strains like War On Drugs, ['Vultures On Your Bones'] stands out for its surprisingly fresh take on a well-tread musical pathway." [1/30/2018]

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—Max Heilman, RIFF Magazine

"That’s the thing about Felsen– they have a way of acting as chameleons, capturing the full spectrum of human emotion in one album, reminding us that these are challenging experiences, yes, but ones that can bring us all closer together." [1/26/18]

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—Virginia Croft, Impose Magazine

"'Blood Orange Moon' is not only amazing because of the vocals and instrumentals, but the songs are relatable and relaxing." [1/27/18]

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—Jai'Tyria Hatton, Imperfect Fifth

"'Vulture On Your Bones' is an epic folk rock song." [01/09/2018]

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—Oliver Bouchard, glamglare

"The album – comprised of eleven insanely intricate and mesmerizing tracks – was written entirely in the fall of 2014 leading into the winter of 2015, inspired by Andrew Griffin’s experiences as an 11-year-old cancer survivor." [01/16/18]

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—Meredith Schneider, Imperfect Fifth

"This and 10 more tracks fit together like pieces of a puzzle..." [01/09/18]

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—Oliver Bouchard, Glamglare

"Frontman Andrew Griffin has been nice enough to craft a mix tape of songs for MAGNET readers." 

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—Magnet Magazine

"Overall, 'Blood Orange Moon' is a grower, with songs that will stick and resonate on repeat plays." [12/19/2017]

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"'Vultures On Your Bones' will be a hit with fans of old-school Dawes, as the melodies and instrumentation are a fantastic American roots rock melange." [11/17/2017]

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—Independent Clauses

"This record is quietly intense, but extremely powerful." [10/28/2017]

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—Twirl Radio

"Recalling the heartland rock of Tom Petty one moment and the subdued pop-rock tendencies of Matthew Sweet the next, 'Vultures on your bones' rockets along toward an inevitable and satisfying conclusion." [11/10/2017]

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—Joshua Pickard - Nooga

“Felsen is the West Coast’s answer to the creative musical zeitgeist of Brooklyn’s indie music scene.

—Rachel Milani -

"Felsen is here to tell you that the art form lives, and is kept alive by true believers."

—Mike Lidskin -

“Truly one of the best kept secrets of the Bay that deserves to be parroted, played as loud as possible, and shouted out to all corners of the world.”

—Impose Magazine

“Felsen strives to ensure survival of rock 'n' roll.”

—SF Chronicle

“Marvelously witty pop.”


—East Bay Express

“I Listened to "Breaking Up With Loneliness" album this week. Really Good! It highlights a very different sound from the live show, while also touching on the energy of those performances. Admirable production work, too! "Put the headphones on your head" because Felsen's gonna save you!”

—Steven Short - KALW San Francisco

“Straight into my top 10 for the year. From the wierdy Flash Gordon style opening, what’s not to like? Strong vocals, washy whirly organ, tremolo guitar, pipe organ al la strawberry fields, and some digital space age freak out sounds; it’s all here, all present and correct.”

—Rudie Humphrey - AmericanaUK

“I've seen Felsen play live a couple of times now, and they play with an unparalleled sense of urgency. The songwriting and performance is top notch.”

—Mike Lidskin - Twirl Radio

"Griffin has the trick of turning low-grade disaffection into melodic confections."

—Jennifer Kelly - Blurt Magazine

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