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"If it had been up to us, this ("Superheroes") would have been the anthem for the Women’s March. [1/23/19]

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—Meredith Schneider, Imperfect Fifth

" It’s jazzy at times, cinematic in moments, and fully engaging from the opening chord to the end." [2/4/19]

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—Ear to the Ground

"Piano and vocals, a dynamic duo as timeless as Batman and Robin. When done right, as on this sumptuous number ("Superheroes"), it’s a peerless combination."

—Songwriting Magazine

"Bombastic percussion and electric guitars light up the sky above her piano, offering an energetic parallel to the more emotional pop-centric arrangements that wind naturally around her voice." [1/22/19]

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—Joshua Pickard, The Southern Sounding

To make its point, ("Superheroes") starts with a piano, but then swells to a grand, cinematic finale and it is hard to walk away without some feeling of empowerment." [1/15/19]

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—Oliver Bouchard, Glamglare

"[Her] voice gives me brief moments of ecstatic joy. That song ['Give A Damn'] has one of the best lines I've heard in all of poetry."

—Paul Sexton, Her Soul Bled Out

"...the diminutive Emmeline has a sincere quality to her music that sets her apart from your standard coffee house beat poet."

—Darryl Smyers, Dallas Observer

"...another talented young singer-songwriter with tremendous skill on the piano..."

—Chris Mueller, Ghost of Blind Lemon

"The Texas native doesn't hammer home the sadness; instead, she lays it out there and lets it sit with you, buried until a gloomy day can bring it to the surface."

—Matthew Craggs, Chico News and Review

"'Give A Damn' is a great example of resigned, unrequited love. [...] [Emmeline uses] understated (but strong) melodies to wind through stories of everyday life."

—Matthew Craggs, Chico News and Review

"For anyone that has never heard Emmeline before, it is impossible to prepare for the rush of her infectious personality or the snap of her wit."

—Stephen Ellis, Auditory Asylum

"With earnest keyboards and charming vocals, she churned out one of the more delightful packages of tunes with a sugary edge that sticks just right and is wonderfully addictive."

—Rich Lopez, Dallas Voice

"That’s what she does: she demands your attention but in a subtle way. No extraneous sound effects, no auto-tune, just pure music." 

—Leslie J. Rosete, Auditory Asylum

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