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"From college a capella to an upcoming debut EP release, Emily Curtis is on her way to one incredible professional career." [10/27/2017]

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—Fox 24 News

"The resulting experience will leave the listener with introspective feelings of individuality as Curtis’s strong suit is her ability to share her own bravery through soulful lyrics of empowerment and self-acceptance." [10/18/2017]

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—Isiah Reyes - Enter the Venture

"Emily's soulful, sassy and go-getter vocals power through songs that makes us want to conquer our dreams and do so with pride." [10/10/2017]

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—Corinne and Molly - Charleston Grit

Exclusive Interview Premiere Feature. [10/10/2017]

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—Kalyn Oyer - Charleston Scene

"This is pop music with a purpose. Curtis evokes the mindsets of women from all lines of history and turns that determination into a rallying call." [9/22/2017] 

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—Joshua Pickard, Nooga

"The dark-pop single off her Hindsight EP is mainstream enough to penetrate and creative enough to inspire." [9/21/17]

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—Salute Magazine

"By threading filaments of pop, country and jazz together, she creates a multifaceted rhythmic roar that she bends to service her progressive worldview." [9/22/17]

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—Joshua Pickard - Nooga

"'Battleshade' is a big pop song with tact, backing away from an expected explosive hook to give the focus to Curtis’ stellar voice." [9/25/17]

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—Magnet Magazine

"The entire song is empowering and relatable to any woman who has been told she cannot make her dreams come true." [9/18/2017]

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—Myki Angeline - Women's International Music Network

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