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" Each lyric, note, and melody is like the contents of an old, worn journal with the page just waiting to be read." [9/20/2018]

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—Vents Magazine

" Brown’s soft voice lulls the listener while atmospheric instrumentation and sound effects softly shape the songs with accordion, a singing saw and odd electronic effects all fluffing up the pillow. " [8/23/18]

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—Paul Kerr, Americana UK

"On first listen, the gentle, dreamy ‘Through the atmosphere‘ sounds like a lullaby – but the song is actually a reflection on mortality, death and the afterlife." [8/14/18]

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—Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

"Here’s a walking-speed, wide-eyed, low-key folk tune the likes of which Bonnie Prince Billy is great at." [8/7/18]

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—Independent Clauses

"Have a listen to Through The Atmosphere which should appeal to anyone with a taste for the Handsome Family or Bonnie “Prince” Billy." [7/19/18]

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—Mad Mackerel

“Full of exotic sounds and melodies, a road trip by other lands and other worlds."

—Fresh on the Net

“A singer-songwriter with a good eye for the musical heritage of his country, along with a pleasant twist of the mind.”

—Jasper van Vugt, OOR

“...he performed a miracle....Brown’s songs about murder and misery sound intimate, almost cozy. The arrangements are ingenious and controlled...beautiful harmony vocals.”

—Ariejan Korteweg, De Volkskrant

“A concealed bitterness takes the already excellent songs to a much higher level.”

—Eric van Domburg Scipio, Heaven

"Dusty Stray is a cosmic cowboy writing songs that evoke Andrew Wyeth
paintings dotted with five-eyed space creatures."

— Irwin Chusid, WFMU Radio

“Wows crowds with double-edged compositions of lyrical darkness and musical sunshine.”

—Bournemouth Echo

“Makes the eyes cry not because of sorrow but joy.”

—Russell Hill, Maverick

“It’s all delightfully dark and the trick of allying beautiful and tapalong music to dark words has rarely been performed as well.“

—Jeremy Searle, Americana UK

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