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Magnet mixtape feature

—Magnet Magazine

"This is a big rocker with hooks and an angst in the groove. Fans of Neil Young will like this one." [5/24/18] 

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Comes With The Fall in its entirety (is) a whirling dervish space rock album that makes for one of 2018’s true gems." [5/21/18] 

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—Glide Magazine

"Cosmos Sunshine makes big rolling rock along the lines of several sixties notables with a little My Mourning Jacket mixed in." [5/3/18] 

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—Jonathan Aird- Americana UK

"Blazing and crunchy rock guitars collide with dynamically choppy drum rhythms, sweet, peeping flute notes, and Sunshine’s rich, but rushed to staccato vocal delivery." [4/23/18]

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—The Big Takeover

"On his latest single, "Letdown," he delivers a jolt of pure rock 'n' roll that rides up your spine before settling down into the deepest parts of your brain." [4/5/18]

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—Joshua Pickard, The Southern Sounding

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