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"Beth//James have the potential of mixing it with the best of them. It’s too early for wild proclamations or idle predictions but there’s some fine musicianship and two individuals perfectly in accord with one another." - Tim Merricks [5/2/17]

—Americana UK

"...the sophisticated folk-pop of Jordan Burchill and Mikaela Kahn on this six-song debut is quite harmonious." Peter Blackstock [4/27/17]

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—Austin American Statesman

"Their original songs and startling musicianship pick up where the Civil Wars left off. Tackling love, their adopted hometown of Austin, and more, All in Life is simultaneously unexpected and familiar, infused with a shimmering mix of modern folk, mindful pop, and Americana charm." [4/28/17]

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—Folk Radio UK

"The track ['Bring Your Fire To Me'] feels like something The Civil Wars would have once done, except that Beth // James fans the flames of soul even stronger." [4/6/2017]

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—Ghost of Blind Lemon

"Haunting slide guitar and sparse, thoughtful drumming serve to augment the vocals and acoustic guitar, giving the song a cinematic feel, like something from a True Detective montage, but the natural chemistry of the duo’s voices remains rightfully at the forefront." [3/28/2017]

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—Ovrld, Morgan Davis

"Their take on traditional Americana with indie pop rock elements mixed in oozes with chemistry and passion between the two." [3/21/2017]

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—WordKrapht, Kerri Curtis

"The two vocalists complement each other nicely alongside a dramatic, folky acoustic number complete with a chilling slide guitar." [3/2/2017]

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—Magnet Magazine

"They’re fine singers when they trade verses, but when they harmonize, as George Takei would say, 'Oh My.'" [2/19/2017]

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—Keith Creighton, PopDose

"The music completely surrounds you as it struggles on in a continual march toward the horizon—it's a beautiful tragedy performed by two individuals who feel the pain all too clearly and can translate this intangible desperation through a balanced mix of laceration and comfort." [2/3/2017]

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—Joshua Pickard, Nooga

“Their sweet acoustic melodies make you think of open fields and swinging hammocks.” 

—Elisa Regulski, Tourworthy

“Sounds like the promise of days growing longer, and the possibilities of youth.”

—The Autumn Roses

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