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"['Rise Up'] is a luminous, airy mixture of intimate harmonies and impassioned chord progressions." [02/17/18]

—RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine

"'Rise Up' is a sumptuous track." [02/19/18]

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—Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

Single stream feature

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—I Sing in the Kitchen

"Simon and Garfunkel laid the foundations decades earlier, and duo Belle of the Fall continue to honor that great folk tradition today." [2/12/18]

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—Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine

“Tracy Walton is one of CT’s most accomplished bassists.”


—Lonesome Noise

"It's almost freakish how good she sings. I watched her and it was hard to process that it was actually coming out of her mouth."

—Joe Michelini, River City Extension

"Acoustic folk duo Belle Of The Fall has proven that musical soul mates do in fact exist.”

—Vents Magazine

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