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Orouni Announces April 19 Album by Bri

…the new album from French indie pop group, Orouni, guides the way through a musical reverie of an … Paris, the thirteen songs that make up Orouni’s album, Partitions, are partnered … representations of color. Rémi Antoni, Orouni’s songwriter and composer, …

Orouni Announces Single, "Former Lorry Driver" by Bri

…Lorry Driver” from Parisian group, Orouni, tells the story of Phillip Collins, a man who … Studio in Paris, the thirteen songs that make up Orouni’s album, Partitions, are partnered with … representations of color. Rémi Antoni, Orouni’s songwriter and composer, perceives colors …

Orouni- "Nora" (Official Video) by Bri

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Orouni- "Speedball" (Live Session) by Bri

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The Line of Best Fit Premieres Video for Orouni's "Son of Mystery" by Bri

…Parisian indie-pop band, Orouni, pays homage to Slim Gaillard, a musician, and … Henson and Cate Le Bon have previously booked Orouni as a live opener." - Pip Williams The animated … now on Spotify and Soundcloud and follow Orouni on Facebook and Twitter!   …

Orouni Announces Single, "Son of Mystery" by Bri

…“Son of Mystery”, the new single from Orouni, promenades with light, floating strides through … Miles Davis, and Dizzy Gillespie. The band name Orouni was taken from the term “orooni”, … coined, sounded a bit like Studios Davout where Orouni recorded the song, creating a serendipitous …

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